July 15, 2005

The Candidates, For Mayor, Nobody Talks About

By Pablo Jaime Sainz

Matthew Moncayo.

Shawn McMillan.

You probably have never heard of these two men.

Most likely you don’t recognize their names.

But both of them want to be the next mayor of San Diego, and they both assure the public that even though they do not have such a high-profile as some of the other candidates, they are the best candidates for the job.

The special election to select San Diego’s mayor will take place on July 26, 2005.

Matthew Moncayo

Of these two candidates, Moncayo has the hardest road ahead of him: He’s a write-in candidate.

“I know that there are a many high-profile candidates on the ballot, but they’re not common people,” said Moncayo. “You don’t have any regular working people on the ballot. At the end, it’s not about having a high or a low profile, it’s about having something to offer this city.”

Matthew Moncayo with his family

Born in New Mexico and raised in San Diego, Moncayo is the only Latino in the mayoral race.

He was deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Communications Officer for the Navy.

It was during his 20 years in the service that Moncayo said he acquired the leadership skills a mayor needs.

“As a Navy officer I had to make tough decisions,” he said.

After returning from Iraq, Moncayo retired from the Navy to become a communications specialist for a private company.

Although he has no formal career in politics, he said he has experience in politics.

“Politics is everyday life,” said Moncayo, who said he’s an Independent. “People make decisions everyday and that’s politics. Even if you work for a private company, you have to see what’s the best for everyone in the company. That’s politics.”

“I want to make a difference. San Diego is in trouble. I want to be part of the solution.”

“San Diego has many diverse cultures. It’s not only Anglos and Latinos. San Diego is a huge melting pot and we need to address all the issues that affect all those communities.”

“I’m just a hard-working taxpayer. I wasn’t raised with a silver spoon in my mouth. I supported my country. I don’t know anything else.”

Moncayo’s campaign hasn’t been covered by any other medium.

“La Prensa is my first interview!” he said.

Shawn McMillan

Although at a recent candidate analysis, the San Diego Union-Tribune said that McMillan had no chance of winning this election, McMillan said he’s made a lot of progress ever since he announced his candidacy.

“When you’re starting from zero like, every single vote counts,” said McMillan, who’s a Republican.

McMillan is an attorney who doesn’t have any experience in politics.

He’s using this fact as a central part of his campaign.

“I’m bringing a fresh, new perspective to this,” he said. “We need someone young, with international experience.”

McMillan said before becoming an attorney, he was in the computer business where he gained experience in trading with Asia and Latin America.

“As a kid, I used to spent Summers in Guadalajara, Mexico, with my family’s friends,” he said.

Where they stand

On San Diego’s financial crisis:

McMillan: “My number one priority for my time in office will be to guide San Diego through Chapter 9 Bankruptcy with a steady and unyielding hand.  My first act in Bankruptcy will be to get the pension problem under control. Next, I will fight like a pit bull on a pork-chop to cut back the power of special interests at City Hall, this includes ALL special interest groups.”

Moncayo: “Call for an independent audit of city finances by Certified Fraud Examiners from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) of the federal government. This will provide an independent look at the City books and provide a non-partisan accounting of funds and taxpayer dollars. Once the final audit is complete we will have an accurate accounting of our deficit, along with a better understanding of the legalities of all previous negotiations of City finances. No solution or options can be fully explored or decided until this has been accomplished.”

On economic development:

Moncayo: “Among the top goals to be addressed and reached is the active pursuit and attraction of new business and industries to San Diego. Our community would benefit by attracting major technological companies to the local area along with a growing theater and film industry that could potentially bring millions of dollars in added revenues to our economy and employ our citizens. We have the potential to be the number-one filming location in the United States provided we start to solicit the industry.”

McMillan: “San Diego finds itself in a particularly advantageous situation both in geographic location and in history.  We are situated between two of the fastest developing regions in the world: Latin America and Asia.  San Diego is well positioned to act as a conduit between these two regions. If we look historically at similarly situated cities, we see that conduit economies fare extremely well. Two good examples are Hong Kong and Singapore. As a result of my experiences in business in both Latin America and Asia, I am uniquely qualified to lead San Diego, and the entire region, in the effort to develop close trade ties with Asia and Latin America. With the right vision, and the right leadership we can grow out of financial distress.”

To learn more about these two candidates, visit www.mcmillan4mayor.com and www.matthewmoncayo.com.

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