July 15, 2005

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood

Fabulous Afternoon in Tijuana


On Sunday, July the 10th, in “El Toreo De Tijuana,” aficionados were treated to one of those rare afternoons in which all of the toreros recorded big triumphs. It was the culmination of the week long celebration of the 116th birthday of the city of Tijuana.

According to Tijuana correspondent Gary Sloan, nearly a full house was on hand, to see Rejoneador Gaston Santos, and Matadores Eloy Cavazos and Alejandro Amaya deal with a great herd of bulls from Fernando De La Mora.

Gastón Santos

Santos turned in a vastly improved performance since his last visit. Young Gaston placed all of his rejones in fine fashion, and his timing and distances, horse to bull, were much better than in previous performances. The rejon de muerte was a little low, but very effective, and he was awarded two ears. I had a chance to chat with him in the callejón, and he’s a very down to earth, humble young man.


Ah.... the Maestro from Monterey let nobody down. With his first toro “Voluntario” (450 kilos), Eloy did some nice veronicas, finishing with a fine media veronica. The bull was heavily pic’ed. The faena was great, the kind you see when Cavazos wants to invest himself. He was strong, and smooth on both sides. He capped it off with a great sword and was awarded a pair of ears.

With his second bull, “Presidente,” at 460 kilos, Eloy once again had some good moments with the capote. Once again, the bull was pic’ed hard. Eloy’s faena was even better than was his first. Once again, investing himself completely with this great animal, he ran the hand long and hard, on both sides. At the supreme moment, he placed another great estocada and won ears and tail.

With his third toro, the 470-kilo “Motivo,” we had the pleasure to witness vintage Cavazos. Not much with the capote, and again the bull was pic’ed, really hard. The faena was very good. It was a great bull and Eloy rose to the occasion, with great muletazos, on both sides, including many passes “mirando al publico.”  Even before the last three series, the crowd started to petition for the indulto, which was grant-ed. Eloy received symbolic ears and tail, although such are not allowed by the official regulations.


If you haven’t had a chance to see Amaya’s Toreo, you have missed the future of Mexican bullfighting. Tall, handsome beyond belief, and the perfect build for a torero, this young man has the skills to go all the way in the world of the bulls. (And, why not?  He was trained by David Silveti.)

With his first toro, “Gob-ernador,” weighing 425 kilos, Amaya delivered very fine, smooth veronicas, and a great remate. The faena was great on both sides, showing great patience and artistry. His distances were right on. However, terrible luck with the sword denied him any awards.

With his second animal, the 515-kilo “Chapparo,” Alex gave us some fine cape work. After the pic’ing, the faena was grand. Doing it all on both sides, he dominated his toro completely, and topped it off with a great sword to win ears and tail.

With his third bull, “Tijuan-ense,” 475 kilos, his capote work was very good. The faena, was, once again, very complete. A good sword, but problems with the puntereo raising the bull, resulted in only one ear being awarded.

The afternoon was, in my opinion, the best one in a long, long time. A packed house, a herd of brave bulls, and two matadores who registered huge triumphs. Viva La Fiesta Brava! Viva Mexico, and viva everyone who was there for this one.

* * *


Several serious gorings have highlighted the running of the bulls, during the Feria de San Fermín, in Pamplona. At last count, six runners had suffered injuries, with two of them going through surgery. But, to date, the bullfights have been rather disappointing. Reviewing the action, the first afternoon was a novillada, celebrated July 5. Animals of

Miranda de Pericalvo were presented to Pablo Simón, who was afforded silence for both of his efforts; Santiago Ambel Posada, who suffered a similar fate, plus hearing an aviso; and Alvaro Justo, who was applauded for his first performance, then returned to cut the only ear of the day from his second.

July 6 was a day of rejon-eadores, featuring animals of Murube. Luis Domecq was applauded. Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza cut an ear from his second toro; and Sergio Galán cut two ears from his second animal.

Bulls of Santiago Domecq were run, July 7, for Uceda Leal, El Fandi, and Sebastián Castella. No ears were cut.

It was a similar story, July 8, when Francisco Marco won the only ear. López Chaves received a vuelta for each of his performances, while Sebastián Castella was applauded. 

Likewise, the herd of Miura bulls, offered July 10, provided problems to El Fundi, who was applauded for each of his labors; Juan José Padilla, who cut one ear from his first, but was given silence for his second; and Javier Valverde, who received silence for both of his lídias.

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