July 15, 2005


It didn’t take long for school board members to disappoint!

Talked to a friend about being disap-pointed in how politicians vote. This friend noted that with politicians, it is not a question of being disappointed, but a question of when a politician will disappoint you. For the newly elected San Diego Unified School Board members it didn’t take long for them to disappoint en mass. In fact, they lied to all the people that voted them into office.

The Alan Bersin regime was started behind closed doors, without public scrutiny or input. When he was hired, as superintendent for the district, each and every one of the school board candidates pointed toward this hiring process as the beginning of the problems for the district. Each new school board member promised the voters that they would hire the next superintendent in an open process before the public.

In particular, we need to call out Mitz Lee on this travesty. She, more than any other candidate, was the most vocal critic of this hiring practice and based her campaign on the fact that the public had been left out of the decision making process. She gave her word that this would be an open process. Now we know what that her promises don’t mean much, which doesn’t bode well for the future.

This school board is already hip deep in problems. Parents are becoming more and more disgruntled with the Board. The complaints and issues, being raised about city schools, are coming in more frequently. Teachers are complaining that there is a lack of direction and leadership from this Board. Now you compound the problem with a secret hiring, it doesn’t look good.

We can just imagine Alan Bersin in Sacramento, smoking a stogie with his good buddy the Governor, having a nice little chuckle over this betrayal.

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