July 15, 2005


Blood in London

By Fernando Suarez del Solar

    Today (July 7, 2005) we awoke to the chilling news of the deaths caused by terrorist attacks in London - innocent people killed by immoral killers whose only recourse is violence and destruction. Unfortunately this will continue to occur as long as leaders like Bush and Blair refuse to reconsider their unethical acts of military assault and economic exploitation in those poor nations rich in natural resources.

When my son died from an illegal U.S. cluster bomb in Iraq I said that this is the beginning of a wave of death around the world. To my great sorrow, I was not mistaken. The dying continues everyday while Bush claims that we are safer because of the occupation of Iraq.

    Today, the Aztec Warrior Project calls on the Iraqi insurgents, Muslim religious leaders around the world, and those responsible for the terrible attacks in London to join in the search for political solutions based on dialogue and tolerance. This is the moment to put a stop to the spilling of innocent blood and the suffering of young children who barely have begun their lives.

I also ask President Bush and Prime Minister Blair to call a ceasefire to their military campaign in Iraq and to search for methods to deal with the real enemy. Were they to do so, I am certain that their families would be proud unlike today when they bear the responsibility for thousands of deaths around the world. Indeed, they are responsible for the awakening of this latest wave of hate that produces the continued suffering of innocents.

To the citizens of London I send my steadfast solidarity and my condolences to those who have lost loved ones. But I also convey to them a plea for action that will force their leaders to immediately withdraw their troops from Iraq. Spain has given us a magnificent example after March 11. Let us follow their lead!

To my fellow citizens of the United States I ask in the name of the over 1700 soldiers and Marines who have fallen and the thousands of innocent children killed by the Bush administration that you demand an end to the occupation and the immediate return of our troops.

Violence can only beget more violence; the spirit of the word will always lead us toward peace.

Fernando Suarez del Solar, is the father of USMC Lance Corporal Jesus Alberto Suarez del Solar Navarro. Jesus was killed in action in Iraq in 2003. Since his son’s death, Fernando has worked tirelessly to draw attention to US military recruitment practices and to the Bush administration’s record for honesty in its planning and execution of the war in Iraq.

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