July 13, 2001



Tick Tock, Tick Tock... the clock keeps counting down on the Bersin funny farm! The 3 farmers on the Unified School Board agreed with the head Nerd to spend over $300,000 to buy SKATEBOARDS for students to learn physics on! My, my just what are they going to learn by skateboarding on the mall?


PREGUNTA: What are the students at San Diego Unified School District going to learn? Newton's 3rd law of motion... Come on Trustees Lopez, Ottinger & Braun, the Dudes at the High School level learn more about the laws of motion by watching the cute chicks sashay across the campus than by spending a school year skateboarding!


Who is the big winner in this latest Superintendent fiasco you ask? How about the Super's buddy, the publisher of "Physics by numbers"! He got $3,000,000 (as in millions) for paddling this comic book physics course to the Board of Trustees, Supt. Bersin and the New York educator, Anthony Alvarado. The losers? You, the taxpayers and the 143,000 students who are not getting educated.


Memo to Norma Trost (Superintendent Alan Bersin's mouthpiece): In a heated phone exchange with Publisher Dan Muñoz, you challenged the veracity of a statement made by our investigative reporter about the rude reception by your office staff. When he was told she was from La Prensa San Diego, he refused to make an appointment to interview the Superintendent. You stated, "No one on our staff would talk to the media in that fashion! If they did, then I will fire them!" You asked for his name. I would not give it to you. But in light of the continuing application of racist-based educational policies, I will be most happy to tell you that the racist in your office is your top assistant DAVID SMOLLER! When can I expect him to be fired?


San Diego School District teachers and parents have just started a message HOTLINE. Call 619-264-8999 to leave or recieve updates in English or Español! Guaranteed response within 24 hours!


Enjoying the tiff between Maria Salas, Chula Vista Councilwoman and Port Commissioner David Malcolm, who was appointed by the City of Chula Vista. Malcolm has been on the shady side of smarmy deals with those doing business with the Port. Maria thinks he ought to resign. Malcolm's usefulness to the City on the Port District is over. Mayor Shirley Horton can't see the mud all over her appointee! Come on Shirley, if it quacks like a Duck and walk like a Duck, must be a DUCK! Don't be another Susan Gold-ing.


PREGUNTA: Why have redistricting committees when elected officials always ignore their recommendations? Leccion Raza: elected politicos will always cut districts to maximize their chances to remain in office. They don't give a hoot about anything else! DON'T GET MAD, GET EVEN! All those well meaning Chicanos who go to redistricting committee meetings or to the actual votes on them are wasting their time... Forget trying to create minority voting ghettos... Move into the Gringo districts and actively work for those candidates that will support your issues. (Or, at least, some of them.)


Supervisor Horn will not be forgotten for his gerrymandering of Escondido. Some day he will run for office where every vote counts, THEN THE MINORITY/ LIBERAL VOTERS WILL HAVE THEIR CHANCE TO GET EVEN!


Nuestros sentimientos están con la familia de Monsignor Luis G. Balderas, Pastor de la Iglesia Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, de Chula Vista. Ca. Monsignor Balderas fue un buen pastor y amigo de la gente parlante en Español. Descanse en Paz a la mano derecha de Dios!

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