July 13, 2001


The Forgotten Meaning of Independence Day

Independence Day, the 4th of July, is the one day set aside for remembrance. It is the one day for Americans to reflect upon and share in the sacrifices made to gain our independence from England. Fourth of July, 2001 came and left without a whimper. It faded into oblivion at the stroke of midnight. Another year without it having made any significant impact on America's 330 million citizens. For most people, it was just another day at the beach.

In its wake were the remnants of hot dogs, beer cans, and soda pops. Into the ether of space, the sound waves rippling out were not the stirring songs of proud citizens celebrating their heritage. Nowhere could there be heard the sounds of "God Bless America," as Kate Smith would sing with so much pride and feeling.

The forefathers of this nation marched across the countryside to fight the Redcoats for what they believed was a true cause: their freedom. These American neophytes sacrificed their lives for what one day would be their future country... The United States of America.

Missing in the 4th of July celebration this year were the signs of patriotism and pride that one feels for their country. Sad to say that Old Glory was mostly absent from our streets and homes. Independence Day was a shallow celebration... a shadow of its former self. Even the military, in all its pomp and glory, was missing from our streets. The Veterans, those carriers of Americanism, were missing in action. The youth, most of whom have never had to bite the bullet for their country, used the 4th of July as another excuse to P A R T Y ! Our soul is shriveling.

My forefathers, the Hispanos, Mexicanos, Latinos and Mestizos, all fought in the battle for Independence. Without their participation, Britannia would still rule the American Colonies. Unfortunately, today's Raza has forgotten the contributions their antepasados made to the formation of America del Norte. Perhaps if they remembered, they wouldn't have to incessantly ask, "WHO AM I????"

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