July 12 2002

Tezozomoc Speaks...

Otro día de calor! Summer is here. I can tell... Afuera de mi Jacal el cactus está floreciendo, it’s the only thing that is. Las flores se mueren and the grass is getting thirsty!

Notitas en pasando: Yankee justice reared its ugly head once again. An El Cajon 21-year-old, Ryan Rodenberger, mató with his “TROCA “ al viejito Feliciano Reyes (61años). Lo mató (he killed him), just eight months after he had retired! Dejó (he left) all alone, for the rest of their lives, his wife, Norma, and 3 niños. Our ever-vigilant District Attorney’s office wouldn’t prosecute saying: “there was no evidence of a felony” (Just what the hellllll is a dead mangled body??) The City Attorney’s office, which obviously was much to busy to investigate properly, charged the White boy with a misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter charge. Feeling very sorry for the poor little Gringo, Commissioner Theodore M. Weathers, sentenced Rodenberger to WORK FOR TWO MONTHS IN A WORK FACILITY AND THEN BE ON THREE YEARS PROBATION! .

Bueno gente, that is how much the life of a Mexican American, with 22 year Naval service, is worth in Americas legal system.

For all you Hiiisssspunnics, who like to cozy up brag about the people who wear the PURPLE, well El Jefito can play one upmanship with you. He lived a couple of blocks away from the George Bush White House y qué... (So what)! Of course this was in ‘49 when George (Herbert Walker) Bush and his wife Barbara along with his 3-year old son George W. Bush lived in a little-ole white house, in Bakersfield, Ca. It was a poor run-down 2-bedroom, 1-bath home, like the rest of houses where the Tejanos, Arkie’s, Oki’s and Mexicans lived (on the East side of Bakersfield, Ca). El Jefito was there a-courting and eventually to marry his future wife Lydia. That was the days before George Senior hit it big in Texas. George W. Bush (The current Prez) was just another “Po” white boy playing with the Hinojos kids at Jefferson Park which was just two blocks away!


NOTITA TO JOHN SMITH: You asked: Why does the programing on Hispanic –Latino TV channels always feature white or light skin Latino actors/actresses?

Remember Juan, we were conquered by white skin Europeans, the Spaniards. They brought with them the “Class System” which held “white skin” persons were of a high and superior class. They, (the Spaniards), believed in the same “color” standards as did the English, Germans, French, etc. Mexicans, as well as the other conquered peoples of the Americas, were ingrained with that perception i.e. that to be “white” was to be noble, upper class and of course superior.

To this day our compadres, to the South of us, still subscribe to that antiquated notion that color infers SUPERIORITY, BEAUTY, INTELLIGENCE and UPPER CLASS! But we know better that, don’t we John ???

Ya basta, hasta la otra...


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