July 12 2002

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood

Five Runners Gored in Third Bull Run in Pamplona Feria

Five Pamplona runners, including one from New Mexico, were seriously gored in a period of only 12 minutes, during the third day of the bull run, one of the highlights of Spain’s annual Feria de San Fermín. The injured runners joined three others who were already hospitalized as the result of being injured by the bulls.

The injuries once again called for reforms to prevent foreigners from running in the encierros, but no solutions have been presented. The truth is that more Spaniards than foreigners are injured in the affair, which begins on July 7, each year. Therefore, banning foreigners is no answer. The only answer would be to require all of the runners to be rested and sober, prior to the run, something that, somehow, this observer cannot see such coming to pass in the most drunken feria in Spain.

During the afternoon corrida, Spanish Matador Antonio Barrera suffered a serious goring in the right leg and the penis. Barrera, Eduardo Dáv-ila Miura, and Miguel Abellán faced six bulls from Santiago Domecq. No ears were awarded.


Correspondent Gary Sloan reports that on Sunday, July 7, in El Toreo de Tijuana, Matadores Paco Gonzalez, Alfredo Gutierrez, and Cesar Casta-ñeda faced a herd of bulls from San Miguel de Mimiahuapan. The toros weighed from 470 to 510 kilos and were all noble, with one being afforded a slow drag-out.

With his first, Paco Gonzalez was introduced to “Parece Que Si”. The matador accomplished little in the first act, although the bull was strong against the horses. His faena, mostly on the right, was decent, but he had troubles with the sword and heard an aviso. With his second bull, the 475-kilo “Gran Momento,” Gonzalez was good with the cape, especially a great media veronica. Following a good faena to both sides, demonstrating grand temple, he placed a good sword and was awarded an ear.

With his first bull, “Tengo Fe,” Gutierrez offered the best performance of the day. Beginning with strong veronicas, really cargando la suerte, he climaxed the series with a great rebolera. He began his faena with fine doubling passes, he proceeded to deliver a great faena, almost entirely on the left. After a terrific sword placement, Tengo Fe went patas arriba, received a slow drag out, and surrendered an ear to Alfredo Gutierrez.

Cesar Castañeda’s first bull, “Abrazo,” at 470 kilos allowed him to open with verónicas, then switch to chicuelinas (without climaxing the verónicas). After placing three decent pairs of banderillas, he delivered a good faena, mostly on the right. He killed well and was awarded a turn of the ring. His second toro, “Los Dos,” was the most difficult of the day, but Cesar handled it well. Troubles with the steel cost him consideration for awards.

In all, a very good day.


The next Tijuana corrida, July 28, will mark the return of the great David Silveti, who will alternate with Jorge Mora and Fernando Ochoa, facing bulls from Fernando de La Mora.


The body of Spanish Matador José Tomás Reina Rincón was discovered, this week, on the beach in Lima, Perú. It was in a state of decomposition. The cause of his death was under investigation.

Rincón was born in Ciudad Real, Spain, on Sept. 21, 1979. He was presented as a novillero in Plaza Las Ventas on March 21, 1999 and received the alternativa in Ciudad Real on May 7, 2000. His sponsor was Julio Aparicio and the witness was Uceda Leal.

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