July 12 2002

Tijuana Oeste Rotary Club Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

The Northern Baja California Rotary District is proud of its 118 Rotary Clubs 10 of which are in Tijuana. Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotarians, Juan Aguila and Delta M. Collins, were honored guests of Tijuana Oeste Rotary Club, Guermo Fernandes Pavon, President and Jose Luis Mendoza, President-elect, and Caesar Reyes Zanabria, past President and current International Director, at their 30th anniversary and installation banquet held at the Lucerne Hotel in Tijuana.

Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotarians attend the Tijuana Oeste Rotary 30th Anniversary. (Left to right) Juan Aguila, International Chair & Guillermo Fernandez Pavon, President of Tijuana Club.

For many years, Caesar Reyes has been translator, guide and coordinator between Hi-Noon and the Casa Hogar El Faro, a home for children. Oeste Rotary has, also, given El Faro transportation, a septic tank, food and clothes.

Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotary’s trip to Tijuana included work at El Faro. With all the hungry mouths they fill, they somehow tend to bankrupt the tortilla store. Rotary is relied on to help take up the slack and pay the stacked bills so the children can get back their rosy cheeks.

On this trip, Lupe, the person in charge, was in tears. She could not get her children to school—the bus tires had just laid down and died! So, it was off to the store to buy new ones for them as well as many other strategic things.

Oeste Rotary’s special services to Tijuana include gifts of books, encyclopedias, and writing machines for the library; reconstruction of Miguel F. Martinez School, the oldest in the city (3 years); established a Concourse of Knowledge to teach groups academic studies as well as sports (8 years); donated a bus to take graduates to the Central Garden of Special Education; provided medicines, writing paper, and created an educational program for the State Penitentiary inmates; planted 2000 trees in Rotary Park; and gave extensive services to several elementary schools such as auto repairs, new bathrooms, and sports field improvements. It has rebuilt homes in disaster areas; campaigned for cervical and uterine cancer prevention; worked with the Red Cross, Abused Women, and Polio Eradication.

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