July 12 2002

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Class Action against School District to be Heard Friday

In August 2000, a class action complaint was filed with the California Department of Education (CDE) on behalf of a group of students with significant disabilities in San Diego Unified School District who were not receiving appropriate educational services and supports in accordance with federal and state law. The CDE found the District in violation of the rights of the students and ordered individual and systemic corrective actions. The District refused to implement the actions and a legal battle has ensued. The case will be heard Friday. It is important for parents to support the CDE’s efforts to have the courts enforce the corrective mandates.

The California Department of Education v. San Diego Unified case will be heard on Friday, July 12 at the Hall of Justice, downtown San Diego, at 2 p.m. in Department 71.

Please come to the court and support our children. Thank you for your attention to this very important matter. Together we can make a difference.

Jackie Husson
San Diego

Thank you for your Commentary

Your article (Commentary: Coping with Racism and Discrimination in American. July 5, 2002) was great and indeed it is that constitutional right that should give us the power of our speech. Unfortunately, because of survival and so much work we end up having no time to learn and recognize our rights as individuals within the boundaries of this great land.

I just wanted to recognize and thank you for the article.

Shahri Estakhry
Mrs. Estakhri is the founder of the Persian Cultural Center in San Diego (http://www.pccsd.org).

I read the commentary by Mr. Daniel Munoz of July 5th,”Coping with Racism and Discr..” With great interest. It is a timely yet sad commentary on the state of affairs of minorities. His historical evidence of the Mexican American’s encounter with labelling is heartening. It is encouraging to have the support of the Mexican American community in this struggle.

It is equally important, as he rightly points out, to defend our rights as protected by law.

Masoud Kavoossi, Ph.D.
Professor of International Business,
Howard University, DC.

Logan Elementary Parents Achieve Victory

The Raza Rights Coalition announces that parents of Logan Elementary students have gained their right to be heard as their petition to remove Mr. E . Jay Derwae as acting Principle of Logan Elementary has become a reality.

After several request by parents for open dialogue with no response and after serious irregularities found to be taking place ... a letter dated June 20, 2002 addressed to Mr. Derwae and the San Diego City School Board, in which it demanded a dignified solution to the accusations made by parents or simply that he resign or be removed.

On June 20, 2002 the San Diego City School Board transferred Mr. E Jay Derwae from Logan Elementary. It is because of the action that the Parents of Logan have achieved such an important victory against the anti-democratic process which is lead by Superintendent Alan Bersin.

Benjamín Prado
Raza Rights Coalition

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