July 11, 2003

The Grand Jury faults Sweetwater district for a lack of priorities by building gyms instead of fulfilling the pressing needs of ohhh let’s say classrooms!! The question is what took the Grand Jury so long, if they had read La Prensa a year ago they would have got the message; hijole better check their subscriptions status.

What’s got this indio’s chones in bunches that Sr. Gustavo Rodriguez (teacher) actually defended the district stating that the students prefer to stand in the rain instead of eating lunch in a cafeteria. And Scott Alevy (Chairman Prop BB) calling the gyms in NC and Imperial Beach as cultural centers for the community – yeah right, just like in La Jolla where that community gathers in their high school gym as a culture center – ohhh, wait that’s right they have the La Jolla Museum of Art!! Come on Scott you can do better than that.

Well the Sweetwater district has their gym and theatre, so when la gente is on the way to the unemployment office they can sing and dance all the way.

Heat is being turned up on Councilman Ralph Inzunza, Jr. If you can believe the stories in the UT it appears Inzunza is in a heap of trouble. Now that the Grand Jury is done with Sweetwater maybe they can arrive at a decision on Cheeta’s scandal.

It appears that the Republicans took a straw poll and selected Bill Simon as their choice to replace Davis in the recall. Los Republicanos must be smoking too many cigars in that back room, its fogged their pea brains. I guess it is true you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Este Indio decide to take los niños to Lego Land; the parking lot was practically empty and we found out why when we bought our tickets. Don’t mind pay the freight for the young ones, I mean the park is geared for them with lots to do, but the price they charge for adults to basically keep an eye on the kids while they run around is crazy. Not much to do there if you are an adult, but they charge you almost $50 big ones to do it.

For all those checking El Grand Jefe, él está bien after major surgery. After six hour surgery he is doing good. The hospital has a zero policy on pain so el jefe flying pretty high for a couple of days, but is coming back to earth now and having to deal with the reality of rehabilitation.

Es todo por ahora.

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