July 9 2004

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood

Alfredo Gutierrez Gored in Tijuana Bullfight

With a strong attendance in Plaza El Toreo de Tijuana, last Sunday, bulls of Begoña provided good opportunities for El Zotoluco, who cut two ears; Rafael Ortega, who likewise cut two ears, although he deserved only one; and Alfredo Gutierrez, who suffered a goring in the outside of the left leg. The goring was not considered to be life threatening.


Horrible Goring in Sevilla

Speaking of gorings, the entire mundo taurino in Spain is still talking about the horrendous goring, suffered two weeks ago, by Novillero Curro Sierra, in Sevilla. Gored as he entered to kill, the bull drove a horn into the upper part of the torero’s left leg, severing the femoral artery and then entering and rupturing the intestines. Described as being similar to the goring that killed Matador Paquirri, several years ago, the horn penetrated 40 centimeters (approximately 25 inches). Four surgeries, including a femoral bypass, have been performed, but the torero’s life still remains in jeopardy.


Ponce Recovering From Goring

Famed Spanish Matador Enrique Ponce is recovering in his home, following a grave goring, in the chest, in Alicante. He is expected to recuperate for the next several weeks, but plans to return to perform during the second half of the Spanish season.


Bloodless Bullfight A Texas Success

On a more positive note, a bloodless bullfight, celebrated July 4 in Fred Renk’s Plaza Santa Maria, in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, was a great success, in spite of the solemnity of the afternoon being dedicated to the memory of aficionado Carl Ward.

Ward, who died last week, was born in 1922. He served in World War II and in Korea and was a 60-year member of the American Legion. A portion of his ashes was spread in the middle of Plaza Santa Maria, as his two sons, Charles and Buddy, participated. Ward was president of the oldest taurine club in the United States, Peña Taurina del Valle.

In the bloodless affair, four bulls, including two from Renk’s La Querencia ranch, were presented to Matadores David Renk, Longinos Men-doza, Enrique Delgado, and famed aficionado práctico Jim Verner.

Renk and Mendoza were applauded for their actions with two difficult bulls, while Verner won an ear for his. The afternoon was rescued by Enrique Delgado, who performed exceptionally well with capote and muleta, killed symbolically, in excellent fashion, and was awarded ears and tail.


Everybody Triumphs In Reynosa

Bulls of Rafael Mendoza proved to be excellent, July 4, for Arturo Manzur (ovation & ear); Enrique Garza (ear and turn of the ring); and Paco Rocha (ear and ovation.)


Big Day For El Zapata

One of the hottest Mexican toreros on the circuit is Uriel Moreno “El Zapata”, who registered another big triumph, last Sunday, in Bogotá, where he won two ears and left on the shoulders of the enthusiastic fans.

Vulgar Performances Translate To Triumph of El Cordobés

For whatever reason, Manuel Diaz “El Cordobés” was contracted to substitute for the wounded Enrique Ponce, last Sunday, in Burgos, Spain, turned in two performances that were described by critics as “vulgar”, cut ears, and left on shoulders.

Yes, friends, I’m speaking of Burgos, not Tijuana! It seems that villamelones come in all nationalities. But, it is surprising that such work would be appreciated in the otherwise serious plaza de toros of Burgos.

In the same afternoon, El Juli encountered big problems with the sword and thus missed the opportunity to cut ears.


In Nuevo Laredo, with bulls of La Ronda, Rejoneador Gastón Santos earned a turn of the ring, while Manolo Mejia cut one ear from each of his bulls, and Christian Ortega was granted three ears.

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