July 9 2004


Democrats Launch Offensive Against Republicans!

Its John & John VS George & Dick

Senator John Kerry launched an awesome campaign, against the bumbling President George Bush and his incredibly incompetent Sancho Panza, Vice President Dick Cheney, when he selected Senator John Edwards to be his Vice Presidential Candidate! In one stroke, Presidential Candidate John Kerry destroyed the reelection hopes of the extreme Right Wing element of the Republican Party!

Now the Democratic Party has a Presidential/Vice Presidential slate, which once in office, will bring dignity and respect to the office of President and Vice President. No more will the American people have to lower their heads in shame at the performance of heir President and Vice President in their dealings with the citizens of America and other sovereign countries. In one short term, America has become the most disliked country in the world.

Everything that our country has stood for, in the last 300 years and which was a model for all other Nations, has been made highly suspect. We, as citizens, have lost our most precious inheritance: Our belief in our country, its Constitution, and Bill of Rights. We have been led astray from the fundamental principles of our nation by the usurpation, by the extreme Right Wing element of the Republican Party. It has been said that we are a very polarized nation. We seem to have gone astray from the common ground that has made it possible for America to function.

It is our hope that the candidacy of Democratic Senators Kerry and Edwards will brings us back together and remind us all of what there is that is good about America and its people. We will have the opportunity to return back to those fundamental principles that made our country one of the greatest Democracies in the world.

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