July 8, 2005

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico

Mike Aguirre a breath of fresh air

I want to tell you that the best person San Diego could have is you!  I believe you have stood up for our rights; even though I might disagree with some of your precepts.  I hope you will know that I have a great deal of faith in you, both as a person and our City Attorney. I am proud to have someone you fighting for what you think is right. It’s about time we have someone who sticks up for them. You are like a breath of fresh air!

Joan Tunick
San Diego

Police Commission should be abolished

Regarding June 21, 2005 meeting concerning the Community and Police Relations Commission (CPRC) and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Operating Procedures that were forwarded to us. Representing the city of National City at the meeting were Chief of Police Gonzales, Ms. Leslie Deese, and you. Ms. Norma Cazares, Ms. Elvira Diaz, Ms. Judy De Los Santos, Mr. Ted Godchalk, Mr. Christian Ramirez, and I represented the community.

1. The present structured CPRC in our opinion is illegal, illegitimate, bogus and a waste of taxpayer’s monies ($100,000.00, half to consultant Herman Collins) and must be ABOLISHED. Reasons as I stated at the June 21, 2005 meeting are Mayor Inzunza and City Council members Parra, Morrison, and Natividad failure to implement for 1-year the voter’s mandated commission, betraying the will of the people, violating and subverting fundamental principles of democracy by ignoring the 2300 petitions signed by voters in 2001 and 2002 election voter’s mandated (approved 70%) Prop “L.”

2. The MOU and Operating Procedures are blatantly biased pro police document and another political attempt by the mayor and city council to either sell voters a “bill of goods,” or destroy the spirit and intent of the voter’s signed petitions and Prop. “L.”

As I also stated to you at the meeting, NC voters signed petitions and approved Prop. “L” mandating the mayor and city council to create a police oversight board that,

• Would be representative of the ethnic and economic population make-up of the city,

• Would be community controlled, comprised of National City residents with no police or law enforcement officials serving on the commission and,

• Would be empowered with subpoena powers to deal with the police and protect witnesses from police retribution.

Since to date none of the above has been implemented, it remains our position that until the mayor and city council respect the will of the people, adhere to democratic principles and implement the spirit and intent of the voter’s signed petitions and Prop “L” that, the present bogus CPRC be abolished and a new commission created.

Herman Baca
President, CCR
National City

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