July 7, 2000


CHISPAS! It is four months before the November election and this Indio is already up to-you-know-where in political propaganda.



That big "noise" coming from the convention center all week happened when Bush and Gore made their patented speech to the folks that were there (must have been a slow day at Viejas Casino).


A scan of Hispanic media across the country where the `bopsy' twins spoke at so-called "Letino" functions showed that Gore delivered the same patented speech, word for word, to the idolizing mob...They thought he really meant every word of it. Come on Alfredo you could have at least changed the Spanish words to fit the different areas.


G.W. Didn't do much better except at Miami where he felt more at home with the "Cubanos".. Whose your speech writer Señor Bush? FIRE HIM! Or is it Pipa Wilson?


KUSI-9 in rush to cover the NCLR circus, spent a few nano seconds interviewing Roxana Fox who babbled on about how us Hispunnnnnics loved G.W. Un problema...It wasn't Roxana Fox...Este hombre has done lunch with that foxy lady and he knows what she looks like. That wasn't Roxana.


Worse yet...KUSI-9 aired an interview with Raul Yzaquirre..or so they said...Wrong again. The elderly gentleman interviewed wasn't Raul. Well that happens when you're changing staff every week!


NCLR staff showed little class when they ran off a representative from the Association of Growers and Shippers of Avocados from the state of Michoacán and prevented him from passing out an informational flyer on the floor of the convention. Sr. Alejandro Bautista had traveled all the way from Michoacán to lobby to have the barriers removed to the importation of Avocados to the USA which is now permitted Under NAFTA. All he learned was a lesson in rudeness and intolerance. NCLR perhaps needs a lesson on hospitality and DEMOCRACY.



Sacramento: Gov. Davis announced the state has allocated $1.3 billion for "school modernization". In the last 18 months $4.2 billion for new construction and modernization has been allocated...This is in addition to $500 million for class size reduction.


Chula Vista: The Sweetwater Union High School Board decided to put a bond measure for $187 million to be used for school modernization. If passed it would mean a $26.00 increase in taxes for every $100,000 assessed valuation of resident's homes in the South Bay. Just what is the Board going to do with all the money the state is going to give them in addition to this latest raid on the homeowners pocketbook?? (Another trip to China???)


Washington D.C. The FEC has authorized the Indian tribes to use their tribal government funds to make contributions and expenditures in Federal elections! With 557 Indian tribes this means $1.2 billion of your tax money will be given to the tribes to play politics with! Aren't the Indians satisfied with all the wampum they are skimming off the gambling machines????

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