July 7, 2000

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If you are a Hispanic you can't own this home...

According to racial restrictive covenants, if you're a Hispanic you can't own or rent certain properties. These covenants are neighborhood agreements against selling or renting housing to Hispanic's and other racial or ethnic minorities. In 1948's Shelley v. Kraemer the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the constitutionality of covenant enforcement by any court. Fifty-two years later, if you buy a home today, chances are you're still going to see these restrictive covenant laws on your title. Though no longer enforceable, they are a slap in the face to any minority, who is forced to read them, be they a real state agent or homebuyer.

Indeed for the homebuyer, having to read these out-dated racist laws solely because they have fought so hard to reach the "American Dream" of owning their own home is the antithesis of that dream. The fact that they remain on legal documents in itself, reflects poorly on our real estate community.

At the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, we call for legislation to be passed that calls for an elimination of references set forth in any restrictive covenants in the transfer, rental, or leasing of housing accommodations, registration decrees; registers of titles; memorials; notations; and memoranda pertaining to registered land.

Ernest Reyes
Chairman of the Board,
National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals

Non-Class Room Salaries Zoom Up!

In the San Diego City School 2000-1 Budget, general fund section on page 10, I find some items I need to questions. Categories 1200 1300 1800 and 1900 are certificated NON CLASSROOM salaries. (I consider Libraries as classrooms so I left that category out).

The total $ in these categories has risen about $25 million. The largest increase was in category 1900 which rose 90%. What is that category and why did it increase dispropor-tionally? As a part of that discussion we should add Category 5100 (Consultants), which adds another $10 million dollars. If I am using my pencil correctly, the total added expense for non classroom activities increased in excess of $35 million dollars.

In the classified salaries we have a similar abnormality in Category 2900 where salaries increased 297% and that reflected itself in benefits Category 3220 which increased 178%! as did unemployment insurance (3520) which went up 321%.

Also, explain the dramatic increase in workers comp for instructional staff (3610), up 185%. I was also astounded at the drop of non textbook expenditures... are we now caught up?

Explain the drop in pupil transportation supplies... isn't that fuel?

John DeBeck
Trustee San Diego Unified School District Board

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