July 7, 2000


Words Are Not Enough

Circus Maximas has departed... The three-ring circus put on by Raul Yzaquirre has left town. The townspeople were entertained, wined and dinned. Though Monsieur Bush and Gore were in the main ring, the ringmaster, Yzaquirre failed to convince anyone that this circus was anything but an orchestrated performance. It was designed to make the presidential candidates believe that he spoke for the millions of Mexican Americans and Latinos of this state.

The main gladiators of this County and state were noticeably absent. The battles to come will be fought, not by paid mercenaries of the `ruling' class but by the battle-hardened, tough gladiators of past political wars. Veteranos will enjoin in the political wars because they are unwilling to accept that it is our people's fate to live in object poverty, in run down barrios, excluded from the avenues to achieve economic successes, or to be systematically denied educational opportunities and excluded from the rights of full citizenship.

Justice, equality, and opportunity are not values that can be filtered through paid- for organizations. They must be wrested from those that would deny us our fundamental rights under our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Freedom is never given but must be won on the fields of battle be they political, economic, social, and yes, even on war-scarred battlegrounds.

We as a people, have devoted our lifetimes since the 1500's, to the development of this nation. We must not settle for anything less than our rightful place in American society as equal partners.

Candidate Gore and Bush, words spoken to a supplicant group are meaningless. Words are quickly blown away by the wind. The Democratic as well as the Republican Parties, along with their office holders and elected officials must show by their deeds that the concerns of our people are and will be addressed. During the tenure of the Republican Party our people have been assaulted by the elected officials in every aspect. In California our own Governor Pete Wilson became the standard bearer attacking our people on every front. He showed no mercy. In these actions he was supported by the majority of the Republican establishment. Whom did Governor George Bush court and bring into his campaign? PETE WILSON! That is a deed that speaks volumes about the Republican standard bearer. No words can erase that deed. The Democratic Party and their elected officials have been at the forefront of turning the U.S. Border with Mexico into a war zone of unimanagable dimensions. They have turned what was once a bridge of friendship into a wall of hatred, fear, and distrust. They have set idly by while all opportunities to have our people gain equal footing in the economic sphere have been destroyed. They have been content into making of our society dependent wards of the government while using their appointed Lackeys to maintain the people in their current conditions of poverty. That is a deed that roars out to our people and tells us volumes about the Democratic Party. Vice President Gore has been part and parcel of this actions. No words spoken can blur that vision of our people being maintained in servitude.

We demand deeds now... not later... that are reflective of the recognition that we will no longer be satisfied by mere words with no substance. For whom shall we vote? ¿Quién sabe? Right now, the Mexican American and Latino voters might be in the mood to follow in the lead of the political revolution that just happened in Mexico and vote for revolutionary change in our political system.

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