July 06, 2001

Bullfight World...
by Lyn Sherwood

Alfredo Gutierrez Gored, But Returns to Triumph in Tijuana

Although suffering two gorings from his first bull, Alfredo Gutierrez abandoned the infirmary to return to the ring and win the ears of his second bull, last Sunday in Plaza El Toreo de Tijuana.

Gutiérrez alternated with César Castañeda and Spanish Matador Antonio Barrera, facing a herd from Begoña. The bulls were well presented, but lacked strength.

The first bull of the afternoon gored Gutiérrez twice in the left leg. After being carried to the infirmary, he returned to face his second bull, from which he was awarded the ears.

Castañeda was applauded for his first action, but returned to receive an ear from his second bull of the afternoon. Antonio Barrera had a fine afternoon, cutting three ears from his two bulls.

Alfredo Gutiérrez was taken to the Clinica Del Carmen, where surgery was performed and he was pronounced in "menos grave" condition.


"Antoñete's" Career Ends

The long, very successful career of Spanish Matador Antonio Chenel "Antoñete" has come to a close. His performance, last Sunday, in Burgos was interrupted when he began suffering pain in his chest. He was rushed to the hospital, where it was determined that, although he had not suffered a heart attack, a cardiovascular condition had impeded his respiration. Upon his release from the hospital, "Antoñete" announced that he had worn the suit of lights for the last time.

Huerta Continues Grave

Unfortunately, Mexican Matador Joselito Huerta continues in grave condition in a hospital in Mexico City. Having suffered the past several years with Hepatitis C, resulting from his numerous surgeries from gorings during his career. His surgeons are, reportedly, considering a liver transplant, if he survives this most recent setback.

Big Day For Ponce

Enrique Ponce was awarded three ears and left the plaza on shoulders, last Sunday, during the annual Feria de Burgos, while Miguel Armillita Chico and Manuel Benitez "El Cordobés" were applauded for their efforts.

Return of El Juli

In his reappearance, following a goring several weeks ago, Julián López El Juli joined Victor Puerto in leaving the Ciudad Real plaza de toros on the shoulders of cheering fans. The duo faced bulls of Sancho Dávila, which were sosos, but manageable.

Puerto cut two ears from his first bull and was applauded on his second, while El Juli cut both ears from his second bull, after losing ears, due to five entries with the sword, to his first bull.


One of the highlights of the annual Feria de San Fermín in Pamplona is the consuming of the meat of the bulls killed in the arena. There is even a gastronomic trophy for the best-tasting bull.

Of particular note is the bull's tail stew, cooked by Chef María Jesús Maiesterra Borau, and served at the Bar Boni. For years, the aficionados, as well such famous matadors as Antonio Bienvenida, Dámaso Gonzáles, Ortega Cano, Ruiz Miguel, and many others.

But, they won't be eating brave bull meat in Pamplona, this feria. Due to Mad Cow disease, the Spanish government has banned the consumption of brave bulls through Dec. 31.

Reynosa Celebrated 75th Birthday

Plaza Monumental de Reynosa, where this October's annual convention of La Asociacion Internacional de Aficionados Prácticos will be held, has celebrated its 75th year. Nearly every famous matador, including Manolete, has performed in the Reynosa plaza de toros.

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