July 5 2002


El día del cuete that’s the día that los Cholitos de Tijuas get even. Orale Bolillos! Want to buy cuetes? Got them a todo dar. Mucho big boooom! Oh, Sorry, your jacal blew up? That’s de way it goes. Can’t figure out why los Gringos like to blow things up. 4th of July en “el otro lado de la linea” is the day that Los Independistas celebran mandando los Güeros de Inglaterra afuera de America! To bad we aren’t invited, being our ancestors paid for and fought for it.

Go figure, How come not one single Chicano got nominated to the Mayors new committee that is going to decide how much of our tax dollars he is going to give to SPANOS to build his new football STADIUM?? Hijole, not even our supposedly Mexican-Chicano couldn’t think of a single RAZA… He only had a million or two to choose from. Carajo...! We don’t even get respect from Councilman RALPH INZUNZA Jr.! Pri’ista Ralph selected Leon-ard Simon, George Balgos, and Colin Rice (not a single Raza). Donde no hay respeto NO MERECE VOTO!

PREGUNTA: If the city council is non-partisan, how come the Mayor endorses a Republican for the District 2 seat! If the Mayor and City Council all tell us the city council is non-partisan, por qué/why only Republicans get the juicy appointments, rich Republican developers get all the contracts, and 6 of the 8 Council seats are held by Gringos and, since Dios knows when, the Mayor has been a Gringo? You think maybe the fix is in?

U.C.S.D Sociologist will have a hay day trying to explain why all the Television stations tripled or quadrupled their ratings when they showed all the naked little children and grown-ups on T.V. during the Westerfield trial. What does this tell you about the morale level of San Diego Television watchers??? (Tezzy thinks there sure are a lot of gente “alborotada” they are what we call in the old days “baquetones” or pelados).

Keep an eye out for La Prensa; soon she will have a new face and a little different make-up. We thought, she deserves a face-lift. Don’t you think so?

Pues, I guess you know, with the 4th over with you can expect the election cycle to go into full swing. El Jefito will try and keep you informed on the races that matter. Some rethreads that were termed out are going to B.S. you about their past voting records. Of course it’s all a matter of record isn’t it? For los nuevos votantes, what party the candidates belong to doesn’t matter as much as how they feel about the issues that matter to you!

UNITED WAY JUST BLEW IT. They just admitted that they are going to pay a former Banker, Fred Baranowski, $150,000 per year to be their next leader. What ever happened to the wealthy working for free? Don’t believe that he being in the PADRES Ballpark scheme is much of a recommendation. United Way was in the news a couple years ago for hanky panky going on.

You would think folks would learn that people that donate money for charity don’t like to see it go for outrageous salaries to people who are well off or to be ripped off. RED-CROSS still brings chills to my back. You hate to see so much money going to high salaries at these organizations.

Congratulations to all the new Grads! We know it’s been tough but also fun!

Now the real world begins... Make a difference!

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