July 2 2004

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Immigration law should be changed

I support you guys 100% that Border Patrol agents should not have the right to sweep our Latino Neighborhoods.

I would also like to propose a law to our Congress to shut down the Temecula and San Onofre checkpoint. It’s taking way to long when people are traveling up north.

Via email

Many areas of concern with new development for Chula Vista residents

Jim Pieri, Developer of the Espanada, and the Chula Vista Community Development Department kicked off this huge project to an audience of over 60 people in the Council Chambers (Wed. June 30th).

There were a lot of questions asked that there were no answers to, so we will have to practice eternal vigilance.

This gigantic project is on a fast track and is expected to go to the Planning Commission and the City Council for final approval before year end.

There were many areas of concern:

What happens to the people who are going to be displaced by this project?  They couldn’t tell us how many or what provision would be made for them. (We believe at least 58 residential units will be lost.)

Will there be an affordable housing requirement for this development? Yes, but not on this site and they don’t know where.

How are they going to accommodate all the traffic on Roosevelt which is too narrow right now? Remains to be seen. (All 200 condos and 16 townhomes will enter and exit on Roosevelt Street.)

Others stated that they objected to this project because people living here do not want to become a CITY and they see this project as a Gateway to more and more high rise development. 

Questions were asked about schools, the huge bulk of the two towers. The width  and setback of side walks, the requirement for Public Art which Pieri sort of wiggled out of on his current Gateway Office Building and many more.

We hope some of you will want to weigh in on this project.  Send Comments to: Espanada Specific Plan Project, CEQA Environmental Review, c/o Eric Crockett, Community Development Dept. 276 Fourth Ave., CV 91910.  (Or e-mail him at ecrockett@ci.chula-vista.ca.us.)

The next step will be to issue an Environmental Review Report (EIR) for public review. You can receive a copy of this EIR by e-mailing spowers@ci.chula-vista.us.ca

Susan Watry
Membership Coordinator for Crossroads II
Chula Vista

Stem Cell research important in Presidential race

Over the coming months as local and national elections start to take shape, the American public will once again be looking at the candidates’ backgrounds, messages, and visions for the future. To me, a critical issue in the campaign this year should be life-saving medical research, in particular, embryonic stem cell research and therapeutic cloning. These two issues have been hot-buttons over the past few years, mostly because few people truly understand the issue or how it can help over 100 million Americans living with diseases and conditions like Alzheimer’s, cancer, ALS, Parkinson’s, diabetes and many others. 

Embryonic stem cell research holds tremendous promise for curing disease because the cells can grow and differentiate into any of the body’s cells and tissues.  Therapeutic cloning is fundamentally different from human reproductive cloning; therapeutic cloning is another way of producing these life-saving stem cells, unlike reproductive cloning, which seeks to produce babies.  Therapeutic cloning could allow patients to be cured using their own DNA. 

I hope the American public will seek to learn more about the candidates’ positions on these important issues as they directly impact millions of patients throughout the country who are anxiously waiting for a cure. 

Jacqueline Applewhite
Chula Vista

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