July 2 2004


America has failed The Children of Quinto/Sexto Sol!

The U.S. Census Bureau released a report this week on education, highlighting that high school graduation rates reached an all-time high for non-Hispanic White and Black graduates. What they didn’t highlight was the continued trend that Hispanics still lagged far behind.

While every apparent sub group has achieved respectable numbers among adults age 25 and over having completed high school or more. Non-Hispanic Whites are at 89.4%. Blacks have 80% and Asians, have 87%+ completed High School or better. Hispanics have only 57% of adults 25 years or older with a high school degree. 29.6% of Hispanics are receiving some college with only 11.4 percent of this population has a bachelor’s degree or more. This is unacceptable! Hispanics are the largest minority group in the nation. They soon will be the largest population in the State of California. Yet, they are not being prepared to accept a leadership role or find suitable employment. This will continue to leave this group at the lower rungs of the societal scale of achievement.

Higher education opportunities are being limited rather than being expanded. With the elimination of Affirmative Action along with the limiting on the numbers of students allowed to enter the Universities and Colleges and the inherent failure of our public school to prepare our children to meet the standards to enter an institution of higher learning our children face formidable challenges in receiving the education that will prepare them to meet success in today’s world.

The historical shackles in America that have limited their educational opportunities for have trapped the parents of Latino/Hispanic/ Mexican American children. They have been trapped in a cycle of poverty that limits their abilities to provide for their families. Low paid jobs, unemployment/poverty, and the lack of political power, and unable to escape from the drug ridden, gang violence prone Barrios that they are forced to live in.

Their children live their daily lives not knowing whether they will survive the night. The main problem for the children of the Barrio is not will I go to school or college? The main problem, he or she faces is, WILL I survive to see the sun rise one more day.

America has failed them!

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