July 1, 2005


Fourth of July A Time to Celebrate Our Rights and Freedoms

This weekend, we will be celebrating the Fourth of July, with revelry and joy in the peace and freedom that is afforded us by living in the United States. As has been noted, since the start of the Iraq war, peace and freedom does not come cheaply.

Peace and freedom comes from the sacrifices of our men and women who serve in our armed forces. 6,824 men were killed and 8,445 wounded in the War for Independence. From this, our freedoms and rights were established in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States and in our Bill of Rights. These Rights and Freedoms were reconfirmed in the Civil War and have been the Standards by which the United States has been judged.

The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights have stood the test of time. There have been challenges too, and amendments made over time, to these documents. They have not changed and our Rights and Freedoms have been reconfirmed shaping the greatest nation known to man.

Today, we must not take these rights and freedoms for granted. We must stay vigilant and continue the fight to maintain the integrity of these documents.

Too often, we have heard statements that “we” are willing to give up a few Rights to ensure peace from the threat of terrorist, but mostly from the talking heads on cable television. But, before we give up these rights, let us remember that once they are gone it is unlikely we will ever get them back.

Our Rights and Freedoms were won 229 years ago. Let us be cautious in giving up these Freedoms and Rights in the face of terrorists acts, terrorism is a condition, freedoms are timeless.

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