January 31, 2003


State of the Union Address Fails to Convince Necessity for War

President George W. Bush delivered his State of the Union address, before both Houses of the Congress and the Nation, Tuesday January 28, 2003. The White House operatives assured that it would be beamed across the nation and the world by every available means. This was to be President Bush’s defining moment. In one speech he would seek to unite friend and foe behind his efforts to wage war against Saddam Hussein and his Arabic Dessert kingdom. He would lay before the nation and the world why it was necessary to destroy Iraq and Saddam. In addition, the President would lay his administration domestic policy for the nation. In a sense, it would be his Republican Conservative Manifesto for the world largest Democracy!

Unfortunately, his speech was mostly a rehash of the same old propaganda line he and his White House appointees have been sprouting since 9/11. There was nothing new.

Once again, he attempted to mobilize national support behind his tempered, ill-conceived efforts to topple Saddam Hussein without any evidence that weapons of mass destruction existed in Iraq. In his view, our country was in clear and imminent danger of suffering a massive attack by Saddam Hussein and his camel mounted palace guard!

The logic that he used to condemn the entire nation of Iraq did not register. If his logic were to be followed to its conclusion, Our country would be obligated to make war on Russia, China, Japan, India, England, Cuba, North Korea, Germany, Pakistan, Canada, Turkey (and many others), in a word, with every nation that is involved in nuclear and biological development (weapons of mass destruction) or has the capability to launch an attack against the United States of America.

Less we forget, we, the United States were the first and only country that has actually launched a nuclear attack against another country. Or have we forgotten Nagasaki and Hiroshima Japan and the hundreds of thousands of innocent Japanese citizens that we slaughter with just two atomic bombs? Have we forgotten that we, the United States launched chemical and biological warfare in Vietnam, Cambodia, and North Korea? If there is a terrorist nation in the world it has been us! We have confronted the enemy and it is us! If there has been a nation that has been providing weapons of mass destruction throughout the world it has been the Corporate-Industrial-Military complex of America. The profit margin was their principle motivation. Money, power and control have underline the massive sale of armaments, planes, ships, chemicals, technology, to every nation that would buy them. If Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, it is only because we provided them. Past Presidents armed various countries when it was perceived that it was our national interest.

Mr. President, rather than squandering our dwindling credibility in the world, perhaps it is a far more responsible move to diplomatically negotiate our issues with Iraq and other members of the community of nations, in our and their national interests rather than rushing into a cycle of wars with any other nation that dare attack us with our own weapons of mass destruction. World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and numerous other small conflicts have shown that wars are never the answer.

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