January 28, 2005

United State’s Senators (Republican that is) flunked the test for Integrity, Sincerity, and Character in the recently held Senate hearings on Condoleezza Rice to be the next Secretary of State. The public hearings demonstrated how little backbone there is within the Republican Party. No lie was too big for Mz Rice. Whatever lie she said to provide a cover for the ineptitude was all right for the Republican members. They forgot that what was at stake was our country. Presidents come and go, but our nation must survive. Condoleezza Rice strikes fear in our hearts for the fate of our Nation.

Indian Wars are underway. The Pechanga Indian Tribe, from Temecula, is on warpath against the Lytton Tribe of Sonoma County. Seems they want to build an Indian casino on acreage they bought. The land is located in San Pablo, California, (Interstate 80). Of course our Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, sensing an opportunity to get a little wampum for his next run for office, quickly approved the deal and allowed the newly created Indian tribe 5,000 slots for their new multistory Casino! POWOWS, among other tribes who have Casinos on real ancestral land, are underway. Who knows ...we may have an Indian upraising in Califas!

The Country is going “Poco Loco” . The FBI is now investigating the Boy Scouts in North Eastern Alabama for padding their enrollment lists. Seems more people on the lists means more dinero for the Scout Councils from the government and other charitable organizations. What blew their scam is that one list had 20 John Does on it as members of one troop! United Way taken for a ride on this scam! Alabama, you know, the Bible belt, took in $6.5 million in revenue in 2002! Jeepers! Isn’t anything sacred in America, other than MONEY!

PREGUNTA: Anyone checking into the rental situation with Balboa Park and the BOY/GIRL Scouts use of the Parkland? It’s probably small dinero compared to Alabama. But, you never know!

ALERTA GENTE...The “Bad old days are coming back again! Los Angeles (where it all started before) is once again being lined up to play Immigration officers. Sheriff Baca has signed a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Department of Homeland Security. The Sheriff’s Department will be performing “Immigration Enforcement functions within the Los Angeles County Jail System. They will be ascertaining immigration status of detainees and facilitate their deportation! The DETAINEES WILL NOT BE ADVISED OF THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OR BE PROVIDED LEGAL COUNSEL prior to such interrogations!

PREGUNTA: Why do we even bother having a Constitution or a Bill of Rights? It’s back to the days of “If you’re Brown, you must be illegal! IS OUR GENTE GOING TO TAKE IT? ‘HELL NO!” We have too many Veteranos of WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq to allow the extreme Right Wing of the Republican Party Destroy our Country!

This whole redevelopment issue in Chula Vista has got some folks pretty upset. Talk of recalling Mayor Steve Padilla are making the rounds. Quien sabe! Where are you Shirley Horton when the City needs you!

Chula Vista redevelopment battles getting nasty... Jim Pieri, developer of the Espenada on H & 3rd had his attack lawyer, John Moot, ex-CV councilmember, making veiled threats against local citizen group, Crossroads II, stating that they won’t pursue legal action against the group in regards to their legal status. Hey come on guys this is just a group of concerned citizens who care about their city. Where is the City Attorney at... Is there a Mike Aguirre on the City payroll?

PS. How come the big time developer doesn’t come down and speak to the good folks at Crossroads, instead of sending his lawyer?

La Senadora Denise Ducheny going on a food tour early February. She will visit a coffee shop, taco shop, and an ice cream parlor all in one day. Rumor is, she is looking for a nice dinner spot in Otay Ranch to round out the day. No vino boutiques??

San Diego City School Board debating whether or not to fire Superintendent Alan Bersin at a cost of 200K. Hey guys, if you haven’t noticed, dinero is tight! Save the pesos and for a change, you ORDER the Super what to do! Bersin will follow Board direction. He doesn’t set policy. You do. He isn’t all that bad. He just took a job where he didn’t know what to do. But he did ok, for being a lawyer. Lotsa blame to go around on this deal!

Poss. ¿Qué pasó? One time Democratic darling Antonio Villarigosa, who is running for mayor in LA, has lost his shine. First he lost the Unions support! Union’s were big backers in his first Go-around. Then the Democratic Party wouldn’t endorse him! Que paso Antonio? You could join the Green Party! Or MAPA!

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