January 28, 2005


He, who makes the rules, controls the game!

There is an old saying in power politics, “He who makes the rules, controls the game”. In the case of the City of San Diego, the present rules no longer serve the interest of the elected power structure within the City. However, to try and retain power, the entrenched power brokers are trying to change the rules to fit their needs and solidify control into the hands of a few. The concept of the ‘Strong Mayor’ system of government was placed on the ballot, in the last election, without any input what so ever by the Citizens of the City.

Bypassed quietly, i.e. secretly, was the non-establishment of a Charter Review Citizens Commission that would hold open meetings in the various section of the City to receive input on whether the citizens waned to change the current City Manager form of government. Citizens would analyze the various aspects required to legally change the City Charter. We now have a City Manager Form of government. We know what that means. What we don’t know is just what the proponents mean by changing over to a “Strong Mayor” form of government. What does that really mean?

The ‘Strong Mayor’ proposal was placed on the November Ballot by bypassing the Charter Review Commission, ostensibly the public. It was placed through City Council action and placed on the ballot without any public input! The public voted the Charter revision in without knowing that the proposed change was illegally placed on the ballot or without actually knowing what the actual language is to legally change our Charter Form of Government.

Now, the focus is to determine what a ‘Strong Mayor’ form of government means. The same group of folks that have driven our city into bankruptcy is also crafting this. What “Strong Mayor” form of Government means will be in the details. This is where two stalwarts of the power structure, Mr. John Moores and Malin Burnham, who happen to be a couple of the main sponsors behind the “Strong Mayor”’ movement, have stepped up the plate to the tune of $125,000 to produce a blueprint for the San Diego City Council on how to establish this new form of government! In essence, creating the rules by which to control the City of San Diego through whatever puppet they have elected to be the Mayor. This move to change San Diego’ form of government was crafted by individuals who represented the economic & political power of the city. The move is to make San Diego a “Chicago” style entity and maintain control of the city to serve their purpose.

Government, in a Democracy, must always be ‘By The People and For The People’. Anything else is a Dictatorship!

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