January 27, 2006

Ben Hueso called El Jefito of La Prensa last week, seems he is in need of office staff. Seems he didn’t want to keep any of the Inzunza gang around! Can you blame him???

The rumor has it that Chuey’s in Barrio Logan is up for sale. Apparently bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Y, being a Republican, in the middle Barrio Logan, doesn’t get you too many “Frijole points”!

Well you have to give Patricia Chavez, Chula Vista’s newest City Council person, points for having guts. She showed up at Crossroads II monthly breakfast. Certain members of CII are the biggest antagonist to her recent appointment.

On January 18, Bob Menendez took the oath of office as the next senator from New Jersey, making him the first Hispanic Senator from that State and only the third to currently serve in the U.S. Senate. Oh well, we will take them whether they are from A Red or Blue State!

Do you think the people of National City are a little leery of their City Council and eminent domain? As of last count, there were three petitions floating around the City, all in one form or another limiting, the use of the Eminent Domain! You think the Council Members might wake up to this, sooner than later. Elections are just around the corner!

Costa Mesa, CA, Mayor Allan Mansoor says his City has a problem with violent criminals who are in this country illegally, and he wants them sent home. His solution is to make Costa Mesa the first city in the country to authorize its police officers to begin enforcing Federal Immigration laws by checking the immigration status of people suspected of serious crimes and gang activity. Come on Mayor, what has stopped the Cops from maintaining law and order in your Pueblo before????

Good ole, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger you can’t put him in a box. One moment he is a fiscal conservative looking to reign in spending, and in the next moment he is proposing a $222 Billion dollar bond for infrastructure.

Well it has been a couple of months of the “Strong Mayor” format in San Diego, the question is… have you noticed any difference? The only differences we’ve noticed so far is that the mayor only shows up for press conferences to support the Chargers and try to figure out how to take more dinero from the City Treasury to support those poor multi- millioner players and owners! Not much change there!

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