January 26, 2001

Rafael Ramirez 8th District Candidate

By: D. L. Muñoz

Thirty seven years ago, Rafael Ramirez was born in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico. The year was 1963. Never in the family's wildest dreams did the thought occur that some day the son of Rafael and Consuelo Ramirez would run for the office of City Councilman of the great city of San Diego.

Fate decreed that the Ramirez family would migrate to the United States in 1972 and seek a better life. Grant Hill, now known as Sherman Heights, became their home. This would be where Rafael Ramirez would grow up and become an American del Norte!

Rafael was educated in the local schools. He attended Sherman Elementary, and then went to Pacific Beach Jr. High. He went on to High School at San Diego High. Not content to end his education at the High School level and with support from his family, Rafael enrolled at City College where he earned his A/A and prepared himself for higher education. Working as a custodian he was able to fund his way through San Diego State University where he earned his BA in Mexican American Studies and Political Science. He then went on to Graduate School and went for a Masters Degree at National University where he earned a M.A. in Public Administration. He is currently attending National University in order to earn a Masters Degree in Public Education Rafael now states: "I am going for a teaching Credential so I can pursue my main dream of being an educator!" In July of last year, he got married to Claudia Rodriguez, a native of San Diego. Both grew up in the Grant Hill area and plan to raise their family within the boundaries of District 8. It is their home.

Why Does Ramirez Run?

One of the hardest questions to ask a candidate for office is: Why are you running for office? For Rafael it is because he simply got tired of District 8 being used as a way for candidates to lay the groundwork for jumping to higher office. "There has been a singular lack of commitment from past office holders to solve the problems that have plagued our district. I want to serve our community and invest my time in improving our neighborhoods. I want to make our streets safe, improve the housing opportunities for those that choose to live in our district," stated Rafael Ramirez. "I intend to remain in office only one term. Its clear that staying longer is detrimental to the councilman. Most seem to lose their perspective and lose sight of why they ran for office in the first place."

"The people, who live in the 8th council district, are mostly working individuals and their families and I believe that they should have a greater voice on issues that affect their community. Most of the past councilmen have been too involved in using the residents as stepping stones for higher office and then spend most of their time raising money and committing themselves to their interests and ignoring the needs of the district. I will not do that and commit myself to one term where I can devote myself to serving the community in my district and the city."

Ramirez' Pact with the Community

Promote home ownership programs.

Provide affordable housing for the working class.

To fight against gangs and drugs.

Support programs for education and job opportunities for youths, adults, and seniors.

Make our streets safe, well lighted and clean.

Assist small businesses and corporations to locate in our district.

To fight for the district's fair share of the city resources.

To oppose projects that will negatively impact upon our district.

To collaborate with city, county, state, and federal officials for the betterment of the eighth district.

(The Ramirez campaign may be reached at 2852 C Street, #4, San Diego, Ca 92102, Tel. (619) 232-4233, E-mail <ramirezcd8@prodigy.net)

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