January 26, 2001

The Education Office of the Embassy of Spain is Offering Scholarships to American Teachers

Ever since 1988, an increasing number of scholarships have been offered to American teachers to take part in the Summer Seminars for Teachers of Spanish and Teachers in Bilingual Programs. These seminars take place in sixteen fully accredited Spanish Universities and are granted graduate credits from several American Universities. They provide an exceptional opportunity to totally immerse themselves in a different culture, to be exposed to the expertise of Spanish professionals in the acquisition of a second language and to take part in effective practices in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

The 2001 Summer Seminars offer three to four week long courses geared toward American teachers of Spanish as a foreign language, teachers in bilingual and immersion programs, teachers of Spanish to native speakers and Community College teachers.

The Education Office of the Consulate General of Spain in Los Angeles plans to enhance the participation of California educators in the 2001 Summer Seminars. For this purpose, the Education Office will reserve a number of scholarships in order to ensure that the interested teachers from California will have preferences access to the scholarships. For further information and full details on the contents of each course you can visit the web site of the Education Office of the Embassy of Spain, www.spainembedu.org.

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Teachers interested in obtaining one of the scholarships should contact the Education Office of the Consulate General of Spain in Los Angeles at 323-852-6997 before February 15th.