January 26, 2001


President Bush On Right Hispanic Track

In a surprising first move as President, G.W. Bush has demonstrated a strong commitment to the Nation's Hispanics in his education proposal. In his Education Proposal the President included elements that are very important to America's forgotten minority: The Mexican American -- Latino students.

President G.W. Bush is setting high standards in math, reading, science and history. These are all elements that have been largely ignored in minority schools where our children are shunned aside and tracked into non-academic subjects.

The effort to continue and promote charter schools, that will function outside institutionalized public school formats, cannot but help improve the education of our students who are trapped in non-performing schools.

His plan to institute programs that will work to have all students read in English by the third grade will put new force on currently used inadequate bilingual programs which institutionalize the use of Spanish way beyond the 5th grade.

Of great importance is his strong support of Vouchers. Mexican-Latinos students have been trapped within low performing schools and districts that normally reflect the economic viability of its residents. Trapped in Barrios (neighborhoods) that are residential ghettos for people who have been cheated of an education and who are at the lowest economic rungs, their children are trapped in a vicious cycle with no recourse. Vouchers will provide them one doorway out of poverty and help fund their way into the private school system that will give them hope for the future.

Of vital concern to parents and the students of the barrios is the constant fear of the lower class elements that hunt the school grounds and hallways of our schools looking for hapless students to harass, intimidate, beat, or murder. That President G.W. Bush recognizes that if the environment is not conducive to learning... none will occur, is highly indicative that he will attempt to bring change.

+ Fact: 31 million people in the U.S. are Hispanic.

+ There are more Hispanics in our country than Canadians in Canada!

+ Fact: If the U.S. Hispanic population were a Latin American nation, it would be the

4th largest nation and have the greatest net worth!

+ Fact: 60% of the U.S. Latino vote for G.W. Bush came from outside Texas,

Florida, and California!

+Fact: Nationwide George W. Bush received

38% of the Latino vote in the just completed election.

+ Fact: President Bush received 1.5 million more votes than Bob Dole four years ago.

President G. Bush now recognizes that the Hispanic vote was a strong element in his victory. The Republican National Committee now recognizes that without the 6,500 LATINO VOTE ADVANTAGE OVER GORE in Florida. Bush would not have taken Florida no matter how many recounts were made!

It is evident that these are the numbers that are causing the Republican administration to now heed the needs of the 31 million Latino citizens of this country.

(+Facts provided by RNC Communications, 310 First St. Washington, D.C. 20003, from the Post 2000 Election Hispanic Survey.)

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