January 25, 2002

South Bay Forum To Hold Candidate's Forum

Chula Vista Mayoral & Council Seat Candidates Invited

Chula Vista — South Bay Forum, a non-partisan political action committee, invites Chula Vista voters to attend a Candidate Forum on Thursday, January 31, 2002. The forum, for Mayoral and Council Seat candidates, will be held at the Chula Vista Public Library Auditorium, 4th & F St., at 6:00 p.m.

Invited participants are Mayoral candidates Petra Barajas, Stephen Padilla, and Mary Salas; Council Seat #1 candidates Patty Davis, Luis Monge, and Virgil Pina and; Council seat #2 candidates Bob Griego, John McCann, and Arturo Moreno.

The organization's President, Norma Cazares, indicated the forum format would begin with a 3-minute introductory statement from each candidate. To follow will be questions from a panel of journalists representing the Star News, La Prensa San Diego, Union Tribune, and The Sun of Southwestern College. Questions will address the following issues: Bay front development/power plant location; Development (eastside) and Redevelopment (westside); Downtown cultural arts vision; Affordable housing; Border area economic support; Small business opportunities; and Ethics in local government. A Q&A period from the audience will conclude the evening.

Mrs. Cazares states, "South Bay Forum has organized five other Candidate Forums in the paste 3 years and we are happy to again offer residents an opportunity to meet the candidates and hear how they stand on issues relevant to our community. As voters, it assists them in order to make informed decisions."

South Bay Forum is a non-partisan, political action committee (PAC). It is committed to addressing the educational, socioeconomic, and political needs of the San Diego South Bay area community (Chicano/Latino emphasis) while building coalitions with other communities. Their goals include developing, promoting, supporting, and/or endorsing candidates or entities that will meet those needs regardless of race, ethnicity, or political affiliation. For further information, contact Norma Cazares at (619) 422-0432.

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