January 25, 2002


Padres' Owner Becomes Switch Hitter and Strikes Out

Whatever else they may be, PADRES fans are not stupid. Mexicans, Latinos, Hispanics and African Americans recognize a switch when they see it. John Moores is the owner of the San Diego Padres who spent a lot of money and time getting the Mexicans, Latinos, Hispanics and African Americans into the ball park, but he has switched teams in the middle of the game.

Moores lost no time in hiring a Mexican, Enrique Marones, to work the Mexican, Latino and Hispanos, who were Americans to jam the ball park in support of the Padres. Marones rushed to convince them that, deep in his heart, John was a cerveza y taco man! Moores cozied up to the liberal, left politicos and attended all the right functions in the barrios and ghettos to let " Jose Lopez" and "George Washington Smith" know that he cared about them. Moores became accepted as "one of them," and they flocked to the ballpark. Moores let them know he cared for them by throwing mariachi and Cinco de Mayo celebrations at the ball field, and by hosting a bevy of black Hip Hop entertainers. Moores had it made.

Just to cover his bets, Moores sent his trusty flack, Marones, across the border to induce all those Mejicanos to abandon soccer and come to the ball yard in San Diego. No stone was left unturned to convince those compadres that John Moores was a good Americano. And why not, with special buses to bring them over, with nary-a-peep from La Migra and lots of entertainment and refreshments on the buses, they flocked to the ole ballpark. With such a good hombre stroking your ego all the time, why, anything that John Moores wanted was o.k. with them. . . Even an expensive new ballpark.

No one ever told the Padres' aficionados, that John and his boys were planning to raid the San Diego City Treasury to pay for the ballpark or acquire a big chunk of the Westside for his very own. With the complicity of assorted Mayors, City Managers, and the co-option of the city council, Moores and his bevy of lawyers, officials and a ball player or two, managed to hoodwink the city to sign on to the biggest giveaway scandal to come this way.

A quick look at the new plans for the proposed ballpark makes it clear that there isn't going to be much room in the new stadium for the bleacher bums, the Mexicans from the other side, or for Jose Lopez and his beer-drinking aficionados. From a seating capacity of over 70,000 at Qualcomm Stadium, the new ball palace would only hold roughly 28,000 fans. The first clue that us Latinos and Mejicanos would not be welcome, occurred with the firing of Marones... Who needed him anymore? No more trips to T.J., Mexicali, and Ensenada. The message, unless you are able to pay the sky-high ticket prices, is that the majority of the local folks just won't be able to go see the PADS!

Reality hit home; the whole scam of a new West Side, a new ballpark and hotels would be for the sole purpose of entertaining tourists! The city treasury would be raided to build a playpen for the wealthy and the tourists. Money that should go to pay for the up-keep of the city would not be there. The homeless, poor, sick, and old would find no support to sustain them. The economy tanked, a jihad hit New York City, and the stock market and economy went south. California's money cow, Silicon Valley, discovered that money doesn't grow on trees. A whole bunch of yuppies lost out, businesses closed and California quickly begin to lose its budget surpluses.

The brain trust at city hall somehow didn't get the picture! The happy days are over! No dinero! But, the boys at city hall rose to the occasion and still insisted on cooking the books and offering Mr. Moores millions of dollars to build his playpen. Even if it means bankruptcy for the city and the suffering of over 50 percent of the city folks who subsist on poverty level wages. "After all John Moores is one of us . . . he is a Democrat . . . he is liberal, he donates money," one could almost hear Inzunza and Stevens say.

The truth is out now. With Padres owner John Moores announcing that he has joined the most radical wing of the Republican party and that he is throwing his influence, money and fund raising support to Ward Connerly and his initiative, any chance of ever having affirmative action in this state has been destroyed.

John Moores, a former Democrat, is now in bed with former Governor Pete Wilson, who single handily lost California for the Republican party and Joseph Coors, whose brewery refused to pay his workers a living wage and locked out efforts for them to unionize. This stellar group is joined by our own home-grown racist, Roger Hedgecock, who got kicked out as Mayor of San Diego for playing hanky panky with campaign funding, and of course he is now siding with Ward Connerly, who in his time of need had no qualms in backing up to the "affirmative action window" in order to be able to go to college and now fights to deny that same opportunity to the country's minorities.

You're in good company Mr. Moores. We shall be asking President George Bush: Do you think we are stupid? We shall see what our city council and mayor do. Their political careers are on the line.

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