January 24, 2003

AL TANTO: In case you hadn’t noticed, ‘Super Bowl Week’ is with us! Chale ese. How could you miss it? The local Telly must be on the payroll with all the hype they are publishing día y noche. Esa gente never do any hype without payola, in one form or another! Pero they try to pass it off as news. Ni modo, son vendidos. The Union-Tribune is loaded with propaganda hyping the NFL. Pero, you know, they have been pushing for they City, since Mayor Golding sold out to the CHARGERS, to raid the City’s Treasury to fatten the wallets of the multi-millionaire owners of the Chargers and the NFL.

AL PUNTO: will someone please inform this uneducated Indio how we are benefiting from subsidizing the Chargers, by building Stadiums for the NFL? The taxpayers will be paying muchos pesos for this so-called Super Bowl for police security, the National Guard, ambulance services as needed, maintenance of the stadium, for military protection to keep the skies safe, the cost of providing protection against terrorism etc, etc, etc, AND WE CAN’T EVEN ATTEND THE STUPID FOOTBALL GAME!

 Tickets, if available, are $500 apiece. Tickets are not available! The local Yokels get nothing. Your neighborhood scalper will be most happy to sell you a ticket (which may be a fake one) for $1500 to $2500.

 You can’t tailgate on your stadium parking lot and, at least, get the flavor of the game by listening to the noise from those inside. All the parking lots are reserved for the Rich and the Super Rich Corporate heads, and Limo’s that bring the ‘hoity –toady’ from out of town. If you get within 5 miles of the stadium, the COPS will probably arrest you as a terrorist!

 Handicapped seniors shafted again by NFL and City. Handicapped seniors attempting to attend the “NFL Experience at the Embarcadero were unable to attend. There was no handicapped parking. Closest parking was at the Convention Center which is a mile and a half away! You try pushing a wheel chair that far or walking when you are crippled and have to use crutches. Come on Mayor, how much do we have to sacrifice for a stupid football game?

 Nice of the NFL Brass heads to say they want the Hispanic people to be football fans. Some of the Hommies are saying: Yaaa Vato, you want us to work for Tijuana wages. La Prensa San Diego wonders why NFL didn’t communicate with us on their new found interest in the Hispanic community. You notice no paid Ads in La Prensa? That’s a sign they want us to give space for free. Passing out a few bucks to the usual agency means little or nothing.

 All the Profits are going to the NFL and all we get is the unpaid bills. Oh, right, we also will get stuck with all the cost of repairing the destruction that will be the result of having thousands of hooligans from Oakland decent on our little Village by the Bay and destroy everything in sight.

 La Migra showed their usual support for La Raza. Just in case there may be a few jobs for them selling peanuts at the stadium, or cleaning up after the drunks, La Migra felt obligated to go through our communities rounding up Mexican looking persons (racial profiling) who were working for the NFL and deported them to Mexico! WHERE WERE THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS? Were these poor hard working people and their families considered would be terrorist? Eighty persons were arrested on the bases that they MIGHT have access to special events! In other words they didn’t want Mexican looking people to be involved in the NFL EXPERIENCE! Maybe Raza are now suspected Iraq terrorists??????

Unanticipated outcomes of Super Bowl Week:

 The El Cajon Johns are up tight. Seems all the Hookers, who normally service the local cliental, are busy turning tricks in the high price hotels where the Corporate Dudes are hanging out. We hear they are getting big bucks to do their thing!

 Local red light district in National City is also running low of Janes. Young Navy Sailors up tight can hardly wait for Super Bowl Week to end. How can they ship out to fight Saddam with out a six-month fix? It just not patriotic!

Bueno Gente, I think its time to go light up la pipa and have a little Peyote. Gringos sure make it tough to be a good Americano...


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