January 24, 2003

Community Notes:

Student Scholarships

Our Goal is to build a stronger American community, particularly among those of Hispanic origin, by promoting professionalism in the publishing industry. Recently, in cooperation with the member publishers of the National Association of Hispanic Publications, we have established a scholarship program in order to encourage and support students who are pursuing careers in graphic design, journalism and/or the publishing industry.

A limited number of $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to Hispanic students who will be or are currently seeking higher educations.

Requirements: Complete the application form and include two letters of recommendation. One recommendation must be from a member of the National Association of Hispanic Publications. In addition, an applicant must write and submit a 500-word typed essay.

Application materials must be mailed to Scholarship Applicant, National Hispanic Press Foundation, 941 National Press Building, Washington, D.C. 20045. Regular, electronic or faxed submissions are acceptable, but they must be received prior to March 15, 2002.

Contact the Scholarship Coordinator at 202-662-7250 for an application or email tomoliver@nahponline.org

Local Author Presents New Treatment Program to End Family Violence

Domestic violence is an international epidemic, and unfortunately, Latino families are not exempt from it. Recent statistics demonstrate that about 50% of Latina women residing in the United States have been victims of physical assault at least once in their lifetime. Domestic violence also poses great risk of traumatizing the children who see it.

Many programs have been developed to combat male-to-female intimate violence in our society. In San Diego there are ten agencies that offer such treatment programs for Latino men in Spanish.

This Friday, January 24, 2003, Dr. Christauria Welland will present a new treatment program for Latino men adapted to Latino culture, at the Casa del Libro, 1735 University Avenue in Hillcrest, at 7 pm. The presentation will be bilingual. Based on the nationally recognized Domestic Violence 2000, an Integrated Skills Program for Men, the new Spanish version, Violencia Doméstica 2000, Programa Integrado de Habilidades para Hombres Latinos con Adaptaciones Culturales, contains the original material, plus over one hundred pages of interventions designed for Latino male immigrants to the United States.

Chicano Pop-Home Homenajes

CHICANO POP-HOMIE HOMENAJES, curated by artist Robert J. Sánchez, is a visual homage to the Chicano popular culture figures/characters called Homies. Each of the six exhibiting artists - Laura Alcaraz, Berenice Bad-illo, Patricio Chavez, Ricardo Islas, Michael Molina and Elaine Ruiz - has created two works utilizing the Homies as a springboard for aesthetic inspiration.

Characters such as “Fly-girl”, “Old School”, “Joka-wild”, “Giggles”, “Mija”, “Q-Ball”, “El Profe”, etc. exemplify the prolific diversity of this popular culture phenomena, one in which stereotypes are countered through a strategy of humor, parody, and provocative irreverence.

The exhibit opens January 31, with an artist reception featuring music by DJ Dan, and runs through February 28.

VOZ ALTA, San Diego’s Chicaná Latiná Performance Space and Art Gallery, 917 E St., San Diego, Califas 92101 Downtown between 9th & 10th, (619) 230-1869.

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