January 24, 2003


The American People Have Spoken: Impeach The President!

President George W. Bush is preparing to unilaterally place the country in a position of becoming the world’s worse tyrant and oppressor since the Hitler era. This is not the America that was established by the Founding Fathers. The streets of the Nations Capitol and throughout the nation are resounding with the voices of outrage and opposition by the peoples of this Country. Not since the Vietnam War has such a Presidential action met with such vehement opposition. The time is now to accuse the President with treason and bring him to the highest court of the land. The people are in anger at the taking of imperial powers by the President. They are not willing to sacrifice their children without it being proven that there is a justifiable reason and that all efforts to negotiate have been taken to the problems that they view as being contrary to national as well as international interests. You wonder why thousands are turning out in protests over a war that has no meaning and purpose except to control the oil in the region?

From San Francisco to Washington voices for peace demonstrated their opposition to the build-up to war against Iraq. These photos were taken at the San Francisco peace march. Photos by David Bacon.

The Congress has been totally co-opted by the President and his White House Junta. Outrage is what should be happening in the halls of Congress at the blatant usurpation of the Constitution and the outrageous take-over of the Nations Military establishment. Congress has been shuffled meekly to the side and made to acquiescent to the Presidents elimination of the constitutional requirements of the “Separation of Powers” under our Constitution. Reminiscent of Nazi Germany, the only voices that are heard over the country’s controlled media, are those of the propaganda Ministers and of the President, the Lider Supremo, G.W. Bush.

The people are reacting to what they see as a unilateral move to curtail their ‘Rights and Freedoms’ as enumerated in the Country’s Bill Of Rights and Constitution. Little by little, the citizens of this nation are seeing their human and civil rights being destroyed or curtailed by the so-called Department of Homeland Security, an agency that is totally under the control of the President. We are now under scrutiny, by our own “Secret agents of control”, who have all the powers as the former Russian secret police, the KGB and the Nazi Gestapo had under their brutal dictators.

The President, acting with his new assumed powers, is now positioning the Armed Forces, of which he is their Commander in Chief, in time of war (Did Congress Declare War?), to attack a small desert Arabian Country, whose only value lie in its oil fields. He is engaging in war in a foreign country without the Congress issuing a Declaration of War or authorizing the squandering the billions of dollars to support the effort. More importantly, he is doing it WITHOUT THE CONSENT AND SUPPORT OF THE GOVERNED! Our children will become the sacrificial victims for the new ruling order of America.

The question being raised in the public forums is; shall the Congress, the Supreme Court, the media, and or the people to stand by and do nothing until the ‘body bags’ start arriving, or shall they IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT?

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