January 21, 2005


Condoleezza Rice Flunks Senate Foreign Relations Hearing

After spending 4 hours of listening to Secretary of State nominee Condoleezza Rice spoke of why she should be confirmed as America’s new Secretary of State before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, it became abundantly clear that she had failed to overwhelm the Senators and the viewing Television public. Her responses made it quite clear why America is so embroiled in a war it cannot win!

Rice, along with most NeoCon Republicans operatives, confused her loyalties to the President with the interests of America as a whole. As a potential Secretary of State she left much to be desired. The whole Committee system of approving Presidential nominees, by committees, which are loaded with members of the winning political party, is a farce and totally unworthy of a Democratic nation. The Committee’s questioning, which was by and large Republican, superficial and irrelevant, was by design to provide coverage for President Bush, who is drastically slipping in the public’s opinion of his handling of Iraq, and of the Country as a whole.

The questioning of Ms Rice did not address the issue of whether she was competent, or have the qualifications, to be our next Secretary of State. Being close to the President certainly was not the only trait needed to be the Secretary of State of America. Senator Barbara Boxer, Democrat-California, a minority member of the Committee, made that point when she asked Ms Rice questions on her recent statements that “Iraq had nuclear weapons”. It was evident that Ms Rice had no such evidence that nuclear weapons were in Iraq. Senator Boxer pointed out that “In your loyalty to the mission you were given, to sell the war, you were overwhelmed and lost your respect for the truth”!

Time and time again, Ms Rice made a point of her closeness to the President. However, it was also evident that former General Powell also was unable to resist the mystic of the President and fell into the trap of supporting the “big lie” of weapons of mass destruction being hidden by Saddam Hussein in Iraq. This was the justification for President Bush ordering the war on Iraq.  

During the four-five hours of testimony, it was never clear that as Secretary of State Ms Rice would have as her principal loyalty to the United States of America. Being loyal to the President is not enough. With the errors and mistakes that President Bush has made in the past four years, he needs people that will help prevent him from plunging America into an abyss that it will not be able to extricate itself from.

Being the Secretary of State your function is to represent America  and to assist the President in understanding the international responsibilities that the nation has worldwide. The vision of a Secretary of State has to embrace far more than assuring the President is reelected! 

It was appalling to hear, the supposed next Secretary of State, stating on National Television “that 120,000 Iraqi troops had been trained to replace the American forces on the ground!” This was sheer political grandstanding to attempt to reassure the American people that the end of the American occupation was near!

The appointment of Condoleezza Rice to be America’s next Secretary of State is a monumental mistake! The President needs help in running the ship of State. Republicans as well as Democrats are responsible to see that he gets it, in spite of himself. Thousands of protestors through out the Nation made that message clear. It is clear that if we are going to preserve our nation, we need to criticize what we do wrong and it is now clear that surrounding the President with incompetent “Yes people” is not the way to preserve our Democracy.

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