January 21, 2005


I Have a Dream, Too

By Sylvia Sullivan

Ironically, the same week we honor the memory and vision of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., also marks 32 years of the infamous Roe v Wade 1973 Supreme Court ruling. The ruling legalized abortion and left behind the civil rights of pre-born children.

This nightmarish human experiment has unleashed such unfathomable evil and pain that Americans are ready to reverse the slide down the slippery slope. Beyond the astounding number of over 45 million aborted babies and emotionally and/or physically damaged mothers, there is a heavy toll on society.

We live in a country where a 16 year old boy has been charged in the death of his girlfriend’s unborn baby. He struck the six month pregnant girl in the abdomen several times with a 22-inch baseball bat causing the baby’s death. They are accused of then burying the dead baby in the back yard.

The staggering numbers of newborn murders have prompted several states to enact laws that allow mothers to legally abandon their babies at hospitals. The hope is that the child will be given a chance for life rather than being stuffed in the trash.

It is not only the young and uneducated affected by this death mentality. The barbaric, gruesome procedure of partial-birth abortion, which borders on infanticide, has Senators like Barbara Boxer and radical judges protecting it by fighting laws banning PBA.

The right to abortion has become so paramount that women’s safety is often compromised. Consider the case of the abortion pill, RU-486. The latest victim of three in the U.S., was 18 year old Holly Patterson who died from a massive infection one week after taking RU-486. Her parents have filed a suit to bring attention to the dangers of this drug.

Then there is that nasty link between abortion and breast cancer that abortion providers ignore. According to the Coalition on Abortion /Breast Cancer, “Women have right to know that 28 of 37 worldwide studies have independently linked induced abortion with breast cancer. Thirteen out of fifteen studies conducted on American women report increased risk.”

Further risks to women are the abortionists, who continue to demonstrate they are not the best doctors. For instance, there is the case of Arizona’s most prominent abortion doctor, Dr. Brian Finkel, who was convicted on 22 counts of sexually abusing patients over the past 17 years. More recently, there is Robleto Osborne, a Florida abortionist. He turned himself in to police after an arrest warrant was issued. He had continued to perform abortions even though his medical license had been revoked due to a series of botched abortions. Locally, in San Diego, 84 year old Dr. Rand, had his medical license suspended because according to the California Medical Board, Rand is, “incapable of practicing medicine safely.” For an eye opening peek into that clinic the San Diego News Notes January 2005 article “It Was Horrible, Horrible!”, offers an extraordinary first hand account.

The nightmare of pregnant women killing their babies, being killed for their babies, or being killed because of their babies, has to end. A ray of hope for life is rising since the American people are waking up to reject extreme pro-choice views in their hearts and at the ballot box. They have elected a pro-life leader as President, George W. Bush, as well as electing seven new pro-life senators and 20 new pro-life members of the U.S. House. The complete sweet victory has left the pro-abortion Democrats reeling in defeat. They are even debating whether or not they should moderate their radical abortion position! These statistics reveal some reasons why they keep losing. The figures come from a report compiled by that much endangered of species, Democrats for Life of America.

• Over one in three Americans (39%) want stricter abortion policies.

• About two in three Americans (65%) favor a ban on partial-birth abortions.

• An overwhelming majority of Americans (86%) favor parental consent for minors seeking abortion.

• A similar percent (89%) favor informed consent for women seeking abortions.

• About 90% of Americans are opposed to performing abortions in the third trim-ester(Gallup, 2002).

This January, at the annual March for Life in Washington DC, Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Martin, will join tens of thousands of pro-lifers in demanding equality for the pre-born children. “How can the dream survive,” Alveda King asks, “If we murder the children?” Our nation’s heart is big enough to fulfill the dream. A country where pregnant women are protected, her child loved and life respected is within our reach.

Sylvia Sullivan – Pro Family Advocate since 1984, elected Member of the San Diego County Republican Party since 1990, East County CRA Past President, Cuban American. Email sylvias@usa.net

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