January 20, 2006

You Worked Hard For Your Money…Congressman Bob Filner and Our Certified Tax Preparers Can Help You Get It Back!

MAAC Project’s Family Asset Building Program, Casa Familiar, and Community HousingWorks, in partnership with the San Diego Family Asset Building Coalition, the County of San Diego Health & Human Services, and IRS launched its 2006 Volunteer Income Tax Assistance campaign.

The Kick-off event took place Friday, January 13, 2006 at MAAC Project 22 W. 35th Street, National City, CA with Congressman Bob Filner as guest speaker. “This is a government program, but you’ve made it into a community effort. That’s what MAAC has been devoted to…and you will change people’s lives, in addition to your own.” Congressman Filner said in his speech.

The VITA campaign will last from January 13, 2006 thru April 15, 2006. This program will provide free tax preparation to working families who averaged an annual income of $35,000 or less in 2005. This is the second year MAAC Project embarks on hosting VITA sites. Last year’s campaign helped more than 500 families and individuals claim their credits and these amounted to more than $600,000. The Earned Income Tax Credit is the largest federal initiative that helps families get out of poverty while stimulating the local economy.

With the participation of thirty volunteers and thirteen staff members at 15 sites throughout San Diego County, the San Diego Family Asset Building Coalition will help potential eligible tax payers get their hard earned money through the Earned Income and Child Tax Credit.

What makes this program more inviting is that it is free of charge for all eligible tax payers who meet the income guidelines. This IRS approved and certified program will help tax payers, whether single or with children, get their taxes done.

“I was happy that tax service was free. Before I always paid more than $100, which was hard for me. I was not aware of the Earned Income Tax Credit and I was always led to believe I could only get the child tax credit for two of my five children only. When the MAAC PROJECT helped with taxes people were thankful and happy,” said a tax payer, Norma Gaytan.

For information about the VITA campaign or the location sites, please call Irma T. Timmons at (619)426-3595 ext. 237 or email at ittimmons@maacproject.org. You may also get additional information at www.maacproject.org/vita

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