January 19, 2001

Hispanic Heritage Awards Foundation Opens Its 4th Annual Search For the Nation's Top Hispanic Youth

Washington, D.C. — The Hispanic Heritage Awards Foundation has begun its annual search for America's top Hispanic youth and is inviting high school students from all over San Diego to submit applications for any of their seven areas of accomplishments. The due date for submitting the applications is February 9, 2001. This year, over four hundred thousand dollars will be awarded. The National Winners of the Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards 2001 will be recognized at the Kennedy Center during the annual "Hispanic Heritage Awards" Ceremony in the fall.

The Hispanic Heritage Awards Foundation, one of the nations most prestigious organizations promoting Hispanic excellence has dramatically increased the value of its prizes to youth this year and has added a new award, the "Hispanic Heritage Youth Award for Mathematics." The Youth Awards program began in 1998 under the visionary sponsorship of the Fannie Mae Foundation and reached Hispanic youth in five cities. Last year, the program reached out in two new cities, San Diego and Dallas, increasing the program's outreach to a total of ten cities. This year, the program has expanded yet again, to two more cities: Washington, D.C. and San José, California. Regional awards will be given to eighty-four students, up from five which the program started. This most recent expansion of the program is made possible by Exxon Mobil Corporation, joining the ranks of an already impressive line-up of corporate supporters.

Hispanic high school seniors living in the following twelve metropolitan areas —Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, San José, Washington, DC are encouraged to apply now. The deadline for nominations is February 9th, 2001. In March, seven winners will be selected in each city, one in each of the following areas of accomplishment: leadership, Sports, Arts, Literature/journalism, Academic Excellence, Science and Technology and Mathematics.

The Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards 2001 is made possible by the generous participation of the following: Fannie Mae Foundation, the program's Founding Sponsor with the "Youth Award for Leadership/Community Service;" Denny's restaurants sponsors the "Youth Award for Sports;" Dr. Pepper sponsors the "Youth Award for the Arts," NBC (Television Stations Division) sponsors the "Youth Award for Literature/Journalism;" the Chase Manhattan Bank sponsors the "Youth Award for Academic Excellence;" Microsoft sponsors the "Youth Award for Science and Technology;" and Exxon Mobil Corporation has joined in supporting this important program this year with the inaugural "Youth Award for Mathematics."

Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards recipients are selected for their accomplishments in their chosen discipline, potential for leadership as well as for their commitment to community service. Winners must demonstrate strength and quality of character and show that their Hispanic heritage plays a significant role in their lives. Applications are available through the sponsoring organizations, high school guidance counselors, and through the Foundation's web site at www.HispanicAwards.org.

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