January 14, 2005


Governor Schwarzenegger Shows his True Colors

The second week of the New Year is with us and our movie star governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, wasted no time in showing his true colors. In a demonstrable show of weakness and lack of backbone, he submitted a $111.7 billion state budget that does not call for any new taxes! The Governor did not have the intestinal fortitude to place a tax on the 18 percent of the wealthy population, and/or upon major businesses and/or corporations. These are entities that yearly dodge paying taxes through shelters that are provided for them by our elected politicians at the Federal, State and local levels!

The Governor is proposing a State Budget, for year 2005-06, of $111.7 billion dollars! Our Republican Governor is proposing that this money be provided without any increase in taxes. He is proposing to sacrifice the working/middle class segment of society! The middle classes will be the victims of our so called Democracy! He intends to remove all social programs, from the State Budget that provides a safety net for the working poor, the children, the sick, the elderly and all programs that provide a vital safety net for Americans of all ages. These are the most powerless and oppressed segments of American Society. Governor Schwarzenegger must have learned from making movies, that the most powerless people in American society are the working/middle class. They are at the mercy of the rich and super rich!

The clear message from the Republicans, in the State House, is that they plan to reduce spending on Social Service Programs, by making a 6.5 percent reduction in the monthly Cal WORKS programs, freezing the amount of money provided for the old, blind and disabled, cut the funding for our schools by reducing $2.2 billion in PROP 98 funding.

The Governor proposes to take $1.3 billion from the Transportation Funds, which are raised with your gasoline taxes, along with another $300 million, from other transportation funds, and put them in the General Fund, where they come under the control of the Governor and his cronies. You can be sure that our Freeway Infrastructure WILL FIND NO RELIEF FROM THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION.

There will be no relief for the parents who want their children to be educated. They are sacrificing daily to provide their children an opportunity for them to improve their economic and social  status. But our movie star Governor is proposing to raise student fees by eight to ten percent at all UC and Community Colleges!

The Governor does not indicate where he is going to raise the funds to pay for his budget that will be seriously under funded for fiscal year 2005-06. The State is legally bound to pay out $92.7 billion dollars to meet all obligations! Thus far, the budget only shows that the state will fund $85.7 Billion. Currently the Schwarzenegger budget for 2004-2005 has spent $82.3 billion! By the end of the fiscal year only God knows how much the state will be in debt!

Do you note a similarity between the Murphy Republican budget for San Diego and Schwarznegger Republican Budget for the State? Now you can see why so many folks voted for Donna Frye for Mayor!

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