January 12, 2001

Tezozomoc Speaks

Second week of 2001. ¿Y qué pasó? Whats new in Year 2001?


* Most Raza Dot Coms have disappeared from sight on Internet. (La Prensa San Diego still has its WEB site)

* Hispanic Broadcasting Corp (Dallas) saw its shares DROP by 38% in value.

* UNIVISION broadcast shares have dropped $6.44 per share value. Losses climbing at its Internet Division.

* Disney checked out what language Raza liked for their movies. Results are in! Spanish version of movie "Emperor's New Groove" drew only 17% Latinos. Same movie English version drew 83%! Movie was shown in major Mexican-Latino neighborhoods. In dinero terms: they made $571,000 for English movie and only $96,000 for Spanish version. (Message here for all those folks who claim 85% of Raza only speak & write Spanish).

* There are 127 Hispanic print media in U.S. (La Prensa San Diego is one of them).

* Majority Spanish language FM/AM radio stations devote their broadcast time to music (Big Yawner). Most Spanish language television devoted to music, telenovelas, (soap operas), and totally incomprehensible news programs.

*KPBS, though supported by public funds, is mostly lilly white and boring.

* All Radio Talk shows are mostly by & for white whackos, ultra right wing kooks Ala Hedgecock & Limbaugh. San Diego is the dumping grounds for the nation's media rejects.

* Education for all is on the "up-tick" in San Diego. Thank Goodness. Colleges, Universities, Community Colleges, private colleges get a big KUDOS for the good job they are doing.

* Chief Bejarano and his "COPS" doing a good job of protecting the folks of San Diego. Gracias a Dios racism seems to be on a down swing in the department.

* Still maintain, we have the best gol-darn fire departments in the country. Ay, if you're going have a fire, have it in San Diego County! Good show in the Viejas fire!

* The arts are flourishing, the Opera still doing well, the theaters are flourishing all in all, we don't have to take a back seat to L.A. or Frisco!

* We have a MAYOR, finally, that is promising. We no longer have to suffer Susan and her Council of clowns.

* Number of Mexican American-Latino Businesses has increased in our town. More BMW's, better homes, high-end furnishings, clothing and more trips to foreign countries being made. Teachers lead the pack with many of our gente in the education business. All in all our gente are pushing the middle class envelope. Greater numbers are now playing with the big boys!

* Business left undone: Dumping the Padre Stadium deal or putting it on hold until all the water pipes fixed, roads are paved, homeless don't exist anymore, poverty is done away with. Then and only then should public money be considered for entertainment purposes! Charger ticket guarantee should be dumped... Refusal by management should then lead to city imposing other fees to cover this welfareism for the Chargers.

Pos you know it Gente... Now get Civic and use your political acumen to move the people who sit on the "power buttons!"

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