January 12, 2001

SWC's SBDITC/CMTAC To Offer First Time Ever ABCs of Exporting Seminar in Spanish

Southwestern College's Small Business and International Trade Development Center (SBDITC) and California-Mexico Trade Assistance Center (CMTAC) is pleased to announce the offering of its ABCs of Exporting Seminar, all in Spanish, on January 25, 2001. This seminar will be given at Southwestern College, 900 Otay Lakes Road, Building 1600, Chula Vista, California, 91910. Tel: (619) 482-6382. This is a free seminar and is open to all those interested in International Trade.

The objective of the seminar is to give Spanish-speaking businesses and individuals a basic overview of the exporting process. This 3-hour no-charge seminar is for those interested in being part of the global economy by exporting American goods and services, but who do not know where to start. The course covers the basic steps involved in International Trade including pre-planning, planning, execution, oversight, and closure of the export process.

This first - time ABCs of Exporting Seminar to be given in Spanish in its entirety is a reflection of the drive and entrepreneurship manifested by Spanish speaking businesses and individuals. Rebecca Torra, International Trade Specialist with the California-Mexico Trade Assistance Center (CMTAC) states that this seminar "cannot help but benefit her clients' International Trade endeavors."

SBDITC/CMTACT at Southwestern College provide an array of no-cost comprehensive tools designed to expand international trade (i.e., import and/ or export) opportunities to new, small to medium-sized businesses interested in entering and/ or expanding their international trade. For more information about this seminar on January 25, 2001 or other international trade issues please contact us: (619) 482-6392 or www.sdbitc.org.

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