January 12, 2001

Horse Race for District 8 Underway

"The 8th District cannot continue to operate in the 21st Century with another ceremonial leader!"
Kevin Hancock

By: D. L. Munoz

No sooner had the bad after taste from the interminable recounts, court hearings, and protests ceased from Florida, than the voting citizens of San Diego's District 8 have become involved in another political campaign. Rather than appointing someone to complete the term of former District 8 Councilman, Juan Vargas, the city council voted to hold an election.

The horses have signaled their intent to run and some are already busy on the track. The race is scheduled to take place on February 27th, 2001. One of the horses making a fast break for the inside lane is Candidate Kevin Hancock, 43, who first saw the light of day in Sacramento and was raised in Yuba City where he worked as a farm worker and cabinet-maker. In 1977 he moved to San Diego and joined the United States Navy where he served until 1980.

Like many another Navy man, Kevin Hancock decided to make San Diego his permanent home port and settled in Southcrest with his wife Brenda Licón, a Tijuana pediatric dentist. He established a business as a cabinetmaker, became a licensed contractor and became involved in revitalizing properties all over District 8. Somehow, he still found time to participate in a community citizens group ACORN (The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) of which he is the Vice President.

Kevin Hancock will be running on a slogan of "Reinventing Confidence in Government" by which he will carry out by:

*Holding and attending monthly meetings with voters of District 8,where he will ask for their opinion on how to vote on issues coming to the City of San Diego.

*Posting at each Town Hall meeting the names of organizations and people who give him money.

*Giving preference to District 8.

*Fighting to require local elected officials to raise all campaign money from their own district.

*Fighting for a livable wage for low-income workers.

*Providing the proper leadership to move the district forward.

*Finding, identifying, and motivating leaders living in the 8th district to solve the problems of the community.

*Getting problems in Golden Hill, Grant Hill. Sherman Heights, Logan Heights, Southwest/Shelltown, Nestor, Otay, and San Ysidro on an 8th District regional basis.

*Put the District first and not "sell out" to special interest groups.

We wish you well Mr. Hancock on your efforts to win the Council District 8 seat.

(The Hancock campaign can be reached at Tel. 619-232-7960, Fax; 619-232-8901, Office 2681 Market St. San Diego, Ca. 92102. electhancock@Yahoo.com)

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