January 12, 2001

Hector Echavarria Makes His American Film Debut in Extreme Force

With a huge international following, Hector Echavarria comes to the American film arena destined to become the first breakthrough Latino action star. Idolized by millions in Mexico, Central and South America, and a legendary Martial Arts champion, Hector Echavarria brings to the screen a background of film experience, martial arts expertise, and a marketing machine that defies comparison.

Hector stars in his much-anticipated first American project, the martial arts action film Extreme Force. Echavarria plays an adventurer in the world of international espionage, who transforms from thief to hero in his quest to avenge a personal betrayal and to restore the sacred Seal of Mongolia to its rightful owner. Produced by Buena Vida Productions and distributed by Creative Light Worldwide, the film will be released on January 12, 2001.

In his native Argentina, Hector Echavarría has acquired mythic status. As a sickly child, who suffered from severe asthma, Echavarria was encouraged by his parents to use martial arts to overcome his handicap. He began his training at the age of 4 by studying Tai Chi Chuan and Chinese Boxing with a Shaolin Monk, Grand Master Tung Kuo Tsao. By the age of 6, he had been trained in Judo and Jujitsu under Grand Master Mayamoto of Kodok-an. By the age of 14, now a superb athlete, Hector had learned Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu. He had become the youngest kickboxer—ever to enter the ring professionally.

Echavarria's martial arts achievements are legion. He was recently inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He is the current "Full Contact Fighter of the Year" and Vale-Tudo Kickboxing Champion of the World. Hector is also the United State Karate Association World Champion, World Kung-Fu Association World Champion and is undefeated in eleven world championship Kickbox-ing bouts.

Echavarria is a Kung-fu Master and has reached the following levels: 7th dan Karate-Shury-ryu, 7th dan Kenpo Karate, 5th dan Tae Kwon Do, 2nd dan Jujitsu, 2nd dan Judo.

This tradition of success, and discipline, has also been applied to Hector's film career. His first three films Exterminator I, II and III, all shot in Argentina, still hold the record for being the highest grossing winter release movies in South America. He starred in a hit weekly television series called "Brigada" which ran from 1992 to 1997 in South America, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Middle East and Mexico.

Extreme Force follows the adventures of Marcos DeSantos (Echavarria) as he transforms from thief to hero in his quest to avenge a personal betrayal and to restore the Sacred Seal of Mongolia to its rightful owner.

As DeSantos, a Robin Hood-type thief, seeks to remove himself from a life of crime, his partners Cole (Youssef Qissi) and the beautiful Bianca (model Nikki Lemke) have other ideas and convince him to return for one last score. When the object of the routine heist turns out to be the priceless Sacred Seal of Mongolia, DeSantos must overpower its protector, the Mongolian President's mammoth bodyguard, Kong Li (Kick-boxer I and II). But the success of the heist is short lived when, in a stunning act of betrayal, Cole turns his gun on DeSantos, shooting him twice in the chest.

Marcos DeSantos miraculously survives the gunshots. He is kept alive with the help of the Mongolian President and his cunning assistant, Sharka (Myriam Mesdagh), who believe DeSantos is their only hope of recovering the Sacred Seal from Cole and Bianca.

Joining forces with Kong Li, DeSantos goes in search of the friends who betrayed him and the Seal that eludes him. Their quest takes the two warriors on a journey into the underworld of society, the corrupt domain of the political and financial elite.

Ultimately, their trial leads them to Cole, who has gone completely insane. Now, DeSantos must prove himself by winning the Seal in a brutal and spectacular martial arts confrontation.

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