January 12, 2001



Chavez' Republican Ideology Destroys Her

Linda Chavez lived by the sword of Republican ideology and politically died by that sword. A serious flaw in the Republican ideology was laid bare for all to see, Linda Chavez was incapable of distinguishing the differences between the particular and the general. She was able to comprehend individual instances of kindness and was willing to extend that kindness but her ideology made it impossible for her to understand the needs of the general population at large.

In recommending Linda Chavez to be the next Secretary of Labor, President-elect George W. Bush's Transition Committee poorly served the President and the nation. For reasons unknown, they-failed to see or to accept her inabilities to operate out of the confines of her Republican ideology. It is frightening when you realize that these same folks are the basis for President-elect Bush to recommend for appointment all those who will be members of his Cabinet. Linda Chavez was hung out to dry by her own petard!

Will the Cabinet Members be able to see beyond their own vested interests? Will they be able to function outside their ideological cocoons? Will they be willing and able to act in the interests of those that are not Republican or of the same color or class? Will they be able to advise the President when the general interests of the United States are at stake or will they be unable to think beyond the strait jacket they are in?

Linda Chavez was a person with a long record of being unable to or incapable of acting in the best interest of the various classes of citizens that make up this large and diverse population. She was narrow minded, vindictive, and insensitive. Governor Pete Wilson was of the same ilk and caused grave damage to the Mexican American & Latino communities of California and the nation.

The Transition Team should have known of the animosity towards Linda Chavez held by the Mexican American-Latino community, by the Labor Unions, the Blacks, students, educators and the entire Liberal community of this country... Yet, they still foisted this person on the President-Elect Bush knowing full well she would be "dead on arrival"!

Unfortunately, the President-elect has already stated that he is going to follow the corporate model and be more like a CEO and leave most of the decisions to his Cabinet. That's nice but more is at stake here than a corporation... The whole country is at stake! We wish to be supportive of the President-elect but there is this nagging question: Can the country be better served when governance is by committee? Where does the "Buck stop" in a Bush administration?

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