January 11, 2002



En Pasando

Two weeks into el Nuevo Year so Wazz-up? Or ¿Qué está pasando? ¿Qué tal gente? The Feast of the Three Kings pasó and no bad mouthing of the three middle Eastern Kings that came to visit el Niño Jesus! Bible is not clear whether they were from Afghanistan, Iran, Jordan or what. Don't forget Gente, HISPANOS and their descendants all have Middle Eastern blood. Remember, Spain was conquered and occupied for 800 years by the Caliphs of the Middle Eastern tribes. Remember "El Cid"?


Historical note: It took the Catholic King Ferdinand II, of Aragon and Isabella, Queen of Castile who joined to drive the Caliph rulers out of Spain ending their 800 year rule.


El Año Nuevo beginning much the same as the past ones: La Raza ignored by the City & County, taken for granted, and not taken into account. En nuestra sangre corre the blood of nuestros antepasados in-dígena, Hispano, y ahora, now you know, de los Morros. Este Indio dice: Ya BASTA con los insultos!


De Aquí y Allá...

Hijole! MTV and Showtime, which is a division of MTV, are planning to have channels for system operators to carry nothing but GAY programming! For a SMALL FEE ($5 to $6 PER MONTH you can see all there is to see of the GAY life! Isn't that great? The cycle is complete - there will be nothing but SMUT on T.V.


Felicitamos al Señor Javier Rodriguez de Chula Vista. who had the winning Lotto ticket this past Saturday. Su Premio será más de $8 millones de dólares! That is what he will net (neto)! Javier now finds himself with muchos amigos! Javier is married and has three children. (President Bush has just announced that the rest of us `Hispanics' will now be able to get food stamps even if you are a migrant worker, undocumented worker or just poor as 45% of us are).


For all you lovers of Western Country music, which is very similar to Mexican Ranchera music, (format, & particular to the country folks), WSM-AM, home of the Grand Ole Opry for the past 76 years, will be dropping its country music format. This will not sit well with the Country singers such as Loretta Lynn, Garth Brooks... Not to worry gente Raza Corridos, Rancheros, Banda, Canciones de Amor will still be on K-Love and other local outlets. Mexican Mex-Tex music is as good as it can get!


KUDOS FROM TEZZY TO: Mr & Mrs. Irwin Jacobs (Chairman & CEO of Qual-comm) who must have read our loud complaining about public monies being used to finance the Opera & Symphony. They contributed to the local Symphony $100 million dollars this week to be used as an endowment fund! The future of the San Diego Symphony is now secure.



Assemblyman Juan Var-gas will be picketed at 12pm, Jan. 14 at his Chula Vista office.

Groups who are fighting to maintain the institution of marriage as only being lawfully existing between a male & female are seeking to prevent Ab1338 from passing. Ab 1338 would allow a marriage between Lesbians or Homosexuals to be a lawfully recognized marriage. They will also be picketing the offices of the Governor and Assembly Howard Wynn on the same issue.


Chipols are saying Mayor Shirley Horton damaged by the revelations of potential misconduct by her appointee on the Port Commission, David Malcom. City Councilman Steven Padilla is also on the endangered list for his continued support of Malcolm even after his dealings with Duke Energy became public. Horton is running for the Assembly and Padilla is running for Mayor of Chula Vista. Maria Salas, who is also running for Mayor of Chula Vista, has consistently asked for Malcolm's resignation from the Port Commission.

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