January 11, 2002

USC Annenberg's Getty Arts Journalism Fellowships Available

The USC Annenberg Getty Arts Journalism Fellowship program is accepting applications from mid-career journalists to attend this unique subsidized opportunity to improve arts journalism by bringing together artists, museum curators, theater directors, arts administrators, funders, and journalism colleagues, against a background of investigating Los Angeles's vast and complex cultural life.

Based at the School of Journalism within the USC Ann-enberg School for Communication, the program seeks six arts writers, critics, reporters, or editors from print, broadcast, and online journalism who are passionately interested in learning more about artistic disciplines outside of and within their area of expertise, as well as in examining the business and politics of making art in the 2002 global community.

DEADLINE EXTENDED TO JANUARY 22, 2002. Application Form and Information — — APPLY NOW!


Art is how we know we live; how we talk about the human condition and find real experience, employing these suspect ideas: beauty, nobility, ritual, truth, poetry, and magic. Recent national surveys indicate that America is experiencing an unprecedented explosion of arts. Yet the staffing of in-house arts writers and editors at newspapers and broadcast networks is not increasing. The same surveys show that America is suffering from an erosion of arts funding and audience interest, in part, because the public is not well-educated about the arts. What can we do?

USC Annenberg's Getty Arts Journalism Fellowships are designed in recognition that journalists are the crucial interpreters and reporters about the arts to the public. They are the bridge. Improved coverage of the fine and visual arts, the performing arts, and new media arts is needed because the arts are how societies make sense of themselves, finding precise human, spiritual, and social aim.

The Program

The focus for the 2002 program is on cultural institutions.

The program's emphasis is on intimate experiences: informal gatherings with well-known and emerging artists over meals and in the spaces where art is made and shown. Comprehensive and in-depth discussions of the cultural life of the nation and L. A. will be held. In addition, small seminars will be held on topics such as the current philanthropic climate, marketing and selling the arts, the changing relationship between non-profit and for-profit, and the erosion of arts instruction in public schools.

Independent Study Projects are elements of the Getty Arts Journalism Fellowships, through the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Mark Taper Forum, CalArts, Long Beach Opera, and Los Angeles Philharmonic, as well as several of the city's other notable arts organizations and galleries.

New Perspectives for Mid-Career Arts & Culture Journalists - April 6 - 27, 2002

Who should apply?

Applicants with at least five years of professional experience in arts and culture journalism are eligible — and international journalists are welcome — to apply for the fellowship that provides a travel stipend, and covers lodging as well as most expenses connected to meals, reference and orientation materials, and transportation for program events. There is no stipend to supplement additional living expenses. There is no financial aid available.

Applications should be mail-ed to: Sasha Anawalt, Director, USC Annenberg Getty Arts Journalism Fellowship program. USC Annenberg School for Communication, 3502 Watt Way, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0281.

Applications should include three copies each of:

A resume that includes your mailing address, phone numbers, fax, and e-mail address.

A 500-word, typed statement of why this fellowship would be of value to you, incorporating a description of your journalistic experience and philosophy. You should identify specific arts institutions, cultural organizations, and artists with whom you'd like to work or interact while in Los Angeles. If you have an Independent Study Project in mind, describe it.

A supervisor's strong nominating letter agreeing to cover salary and non-fellowship expenses. Or, if you freelance, an editor's or supervisor's strong nominating letter expressing support for your endeavor at USC Annenberg's Getty Arts Journalism Fellowship program. Only one nominating letter will be accepted.

Three published articles (editors may submit edited work, online journalists may submit internet printouts; broadcast journalists may send one audio tape, videotape or CD-ROM not over 30 minutes). All samples must be dated and must have been aired or published within the last twelve months. Please mark your name in the upper right-hand corner of all material.

Please do not send complete magazines or newspapers, books or scrapbooks, any irreplaceable materials, unpublished manuscripts, works-in-progress, or elaborate presentations. Please submit only by mail; no faxes. Materials will not be returned.


Completed application forms must be postmarked on or before January 19, 2002. Notification of Admission Commit-tee's decision will be sent by February 6, 2002.


Call Sasha Anawalt, Director, USC Annenberg's Getty Arts Journalism Fellowships, 213-743-4988; Fax: 213-743-4985 or email anawalt@usc.edu.

The Getty Arts Journalism Fellowship Program is a project of USC Annenberg's School of Journalism with funding from the J. Paul Getty Trust.

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