January 11, 2002

State Farm Insurance Donates 50 Computers to the San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

The San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was the recipient of fifty Pentium II computers, donated by State Farm Insurance. Ed Reyes, Agency Field Executive with State Farm, was key in getting the computers donated to the SDCHCC.

"The Hispanic Chamber has done a great deal for the community, and that is why we chose to partner with them" said Reyes. "We are confident that the computers will be put to good use."

The SDCHCC will distribute forty of the computers to the community. Donations will be targeted toward Hispanic organizations who lack computers or who need to upgrade their computer centers. Other computers will go to area schools to help meet the demands for expanded computer labs.

"The digital divide is an issue we have targeted to help overcome," commented SDCHCC President Manny Aguilar. "By distributing some of the computers State Farm donated to us, we will be empowering our community to take a big step into the next generation."

If you are interested in receiving a computer donation, please send a 1-2 page request to the SDCHCC. Computers will only be allocated to schools or non-profit organizations that serve low-moderate income communities. Please detail why the computers are needed, how they will be used, and who will be the end-user. Request can be sent to 1250 Sixth Avenue, Suite 550, San Diego, CA 92101, or call (619) 702-0790 for more information.

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