Volume XXVII Number 02 January 10, 2003

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Bike riding faith

Devotion for the Juquila Virgin

By Mariana Martinez

In Ventanilla, a little town in the seashores of Oaxaca, Vicente checks his bike for the last time before going to bed; wheels, brakes, seat… everything is ok, he relies on her.

The bike ride to Juquila. On their backs the riders carry the images the bought and bring back home.

At midnight, Vicente and 70 other men get up and load the truck, have a quick breakfast with beans and tlayudas -huge corn tortillas- oven fresh, pot of coffee and start their bike journey, following the road to Puerto Escondido, there they setup beneath the stars, their petates and blankets a safe place after their exhausting ride. Once more, at three in the morning they peddle until arriving at El Vidrio and stay the night, the final town on the road before the last stretch, a never-ending curve covered road that takes them to Juquila.

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Fe en bicicleta
La devoción a la Virgen de Juquila
Por Mariana Martínez
En la comunidad costera de Ventanilla, Vicente revisa su bicicleta; llantas, frenos, antes de irse a acostar. Es medianoche, y Vicente, despierto se prepara para salir, junto con 70 hombres más, desayuna frijoles, tlayudas (tortillas grandes) y café de la olla, a las tres de la mañana, salen todos desde el poblado siguiendo la carretera, todo el día de viaje hasta Puerto Escondido, donde extenderán petates y cobijas ante las estrellas, agotados. Una vez más, a las tres de la mañana salen hasta pasar la noche en El Vidrio, el último poblado antes de entrar a la estrecha y tortuosa carretera que los llevará a Juquila.

The Meaning of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
By Coretta Scott King
The Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday celebrates the life and legacy of a man who brought hope and healing to America. We commemorate as well the timeless values he taught us through his example — the values of courage, truth, justice, compassion, dignity, humility and service that so radiantly defined Dr. King’s character and empowered his leadership. On this holiday, we commemorate the universal, unconditional love, forgiveness and nonviolence that empowered his revolutionary spirit.

I Have a Dream
Martin Luther King, Jr., at March on Washington
(Editor’s Note: In recent years a small portion of the following speech has been used to portray the intent of Dr. King and attack Affirmative Actions programs throughout the country. Since they have used only a small portion of this speech we thought we would re-publish the full context of the speech and you the readers can decide for yourselves the intent of King’s speech.)


LULAC Comes Through Once Again
For 17 years the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) San Diego Council #2842 has provided food baskets to the community making the holiday season a little brighter.

Area Students in UCSD Science Outreach Program Focus of KUSI Broadcast Over Christmas Break
While most students were taking it easy over Christmas holiday break, more than 45 area middle school and high school students were honing their upcoming science fair entries through a unique science outreach program sponsored by the University of California, San Diego. The youngsters, participants in a program called CHUM (Consortium of High Schools/the University, and the Medical School), were the focus of a broadcast by KUSI-TV’s Rod Luck who caught the students in action over the holidays in the biology laboratories at UCSD.

Por Diego Alvarez
Los clones, ¿verdad o fantasía?
Después de tantas opiniones que suscitó la clonación de la oveja Dolly hace ya varios años, y después de que la mitad del mundo protestara en contra de la investigación y la clonación de seres humanos, el pasado 26 de diciembre la presidenta de Clonaid, empresa de clonación humana, anunciaba al mundo el nacimiento de Eva, el primer ser humano clonado.

Childhood Obesity Rates Soaring
By Louise Rafkin
More than bio-terrorism or the threat of small pox, the United States Surgeon General says there is a looming crisis for Americans that could cripple the health care system and weaken the United States economy.

Financial Boot-Camp for Our Troops
Springboard Provides Financial Tips for Service Members Preparing for Deployment
As the possibility of war with Iraq becomes an increasing reality, America’s troops and military reservists are preparing to leave loved ones behind - an unwelcome state of affairs with inevitable financial repercussions. Although the defense budget ballooned this year only a small portion of that is designated for troop pay. Reservists especially will face significant pay cuts as they leave their civilian jobs and return to active duty. These hardships can be eased with careful planning and good communication skills.

Approximately $700,000 Available to Nonprofits Through City Program
Approximately $700,000 is available to nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations that attract businesses, increase employment opportunities, or promote the City of San Diego as a tourism destination, through a special City program for the 2004 fiscal year.

Scientific society seeks minority students for scholarship program
The American Chemical Society, the world’s largest scientific society, is seeking applications from minority students for its scholars program. The application deadline is February 15, 2003.


Mayor Dick Murphy No Visionary - Unable to Ignite Passion In State of City Address!
Twelve hundred citizens came to Golden Hall with hopes that the man they elected to office would rise to the occasion and provide a vision of where he would lead the city during a time of crisis. The time was there for the Mayor to use the bully pulpit and provide the much needed political leadership that the City has sorely been lacking. Unfortunately, Mayor Murphy would once again disappoint the voters of this city. The question came to mind; what is the difference between the Republican leadership of San Diego and the Democratic leadership of the State? Are we wrong to expect visionary leadership that will take us beyond the mundane? Are we wrong to expect that candidates for public office be a cut beyond the regular run of the mill individual?

Establishing Draft for the Military Not in Best Interest of Minorities
President Bush has been beating the war drums so much lately that Congressman Rangel from the 15th Congressional District of New York (Harlem) felt obligated to submit legislation to restore the military draft. The Congressman noted that there are a great number of Blacks in today’s all-volunteer services. He felt that an undue burden of carrying out the President’s war agenda is falling on the shoulders of the Black Community. It is quite clear that the number of Mexican Americans, and other Latinos, are also represented quite heavily in the U.S. Navy, Marine Corp, Air force and the Army.

Is San Diego City Schools Capable of Respecting its Constituents?
By Ernie McCray
Recently I enjoyed the honor of serving over a hundred enthusiastic students from Johnson Elementary in Emerald Hills as their Principal-for-a-Day. Their parents had kept them out of school as a protest against a school system that had treated their community with incomprehensible disrespect and disdain. Because of  my involvement in this act of civil disobedience I was invited to share my thoughts about San Diego City Schools on the Roger Hedgecock Show and on These Days on KPBS radio.

The States See Red
Robert H. Linnell
States and the District of Columbia are facing their worst budget crises in over 50 years. A growing number of examples prove that the crisis is real and getting worse. What aren’t being discussed are the reasons for the crisis which are (incorrectly) assumed to be simply the economic downturn. States, by law, cannot run deficits and must balance their budgets.The federal government has unlimited power to run red ink, liberally used in fiscal 2002, increasing public debt by a record $421 billion. States now want the feds to bail them out which would further exacerbate federal debt. Is this a sound idea? We can only solve problems if we understand them. First, what is happening.

En aumento el dinero remitido por Latinos en EU
Por Lourdes M. Davis
Un reciente estudio en el que colaboraron el Pew Hispanic Center y el Multilateral Investment Fund, indica que las remesas de dinero de migrantes radicados en Estados Unidos llegó a 23 mil millones de dólares en el año 2001, a pesar de que el promedio de las remesas es de sólo $200 a $300 dólares. 

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
An Increase in Defense Spending
Before George W. Bush’s father became President, one invulnerable submarine could destroy any country on Earth.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Amar te duele: Una película para jóvenes y cursis
Por Pablo de Sainz
¿Qué director mexicano se puede dar el lujo de colocar en las salas de cine dos películas en un solo año? La respuesta: Fernando Sariñana, un director muy criticado por sus películas light que, sin embargo, han sido super éxitos taquilleros.

Se Representará “Fidelio” de Beethoven, la Primera Opera del 2003
Por: Paco Zavala.
La Temporada Internacional de Opera de San Diego, por el período 2002-2003, da inicio, con la puesta en escena del Drama Lírico dividido en dos actos del genial Ludwin Van Beethoven “Fidelio” (O el Amor Conyugal) (“Fidelio, Oder Die Eheliche Liebe”). Esta obra está basada sobre un libreto de J. F. von Sonnleithner y G.F. Treitsche. Su primera representación se realizó en Viena en el Theater an der Wien, el día 20 de noviembre de 1805, cuando el gran sordo de Bonn contaba con 35 años de edad.

Maria Celeste Arraras Se Une a Las Filas de The Crossover Agency
Fue seleccionada por People en Español como la Comunicadora del Año
La popular conductora del programa “Al Rojo Vivo” continúa creciendo de forma imparable…. Una comunicadora agresiva y responsable, que ha venido a revolucionar en muy poco tiempo la televisión latina de los Estados Unidos. Premiada en numerosas ocasiones, Arrarás se ha destacado por provocar la noticia, encontrando el ángulo justo para atraer la atención de la vasta comunidad hispano-parlante de América Latina.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
Regularmente al inciar el año, casi todo mundo comenta que también se inicia la famosa “Cuesta de Enero”. Bueno, pues ésta famosa cuesta de enero también afecta de alguna manera las actividades culturales y artísticas. Los sitios de reunión de los promotores, sabiondos o artistas se encuentran inundados de una soledad que da escalofríos. ¡Solos!, pero bastante desolados. Que, ¿ésto será a consecuencia de la Cuesta de Enero? o ¿Qué pasa?

Se Realiza el III Premio, a la Excelencia de lo Nuestro
Por: Paco Zavala
Durante el transcurso del año pasado se realizaron actividades culturales y artísticas bastante notorias que a la ciudad de Tijuana, la han colocado como uno de los centros más importantes en lo que se refiere al impulso de estas corrientes humanísticas, que la enaltecen y que a los residentes los enorgullecen porque se están dando estos cambios de imágen, que benefician enormemente a esta region.

The Best of the Best
Grammy Awards Latin categories nominees
At a press conference announcing nominees for the 45th GRAMMY Awards held at Madison Square Garden in New York City, the Recording Academy tapped artists spanning a wide range of musical styles, encompassing industry veterans and newcomers.

Tijuana Bloguita Front: A New Way to Publish Literature
By Pablo de Sainz
For Tijuana writers, literature can be divided before and after the Internet. Many of them still remember the old days when it was very difficult for northern Mexican writers to publish in mainstream publishing houses, the majority of them located in Mexico City.

Minority-Owned Design Firm Tees Off With Wes Chandler to Benefit Minority Scholarship Programs in San Diego
As part of their continuing efforts to assist in the betterment of the local community, RosArt Multimedia, Inc. has agreed to donate their services to the Wes Chandler Celebrity Golf Classic, in the form of a web site (www. weschandlergolf.com) for their upcoming golf event, and promotion efforts for that web site before the event date of January 22, 2003, the week prior to Super Bowl. The services would regularly cost approximately $15,000, but RosArt has agreed to accept Double Eagle Sponsorship status in exchange for their fees, as a gesture of goodwill.

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