January 9, 2004

LULAC Does It Again, They Bring Smiles to South Bay Families

Santa Bea Estrada and the LULAC membership elves and community volunteers were busy once again assembling Christmas food baskets on Friday, Dec. 19th at the National Guard Armory in National City. The food baskets had to be ready for distribution by 10 a.m. on Saturday Dec. 20th. LULAC, National Guardsmen, volunteers and food basket sponsors had committed themselves to provide the best Christmas baskets with a lot of Christmas spirit and joy.

The Christmas Baskets were overflowing with can goods, a 14lb turkey, potatoes, apples, oranges, onions, celery, carrots, squash, cucumbers, bananas, bread and much more. All these wonderful baskets would not have been possible without our great and generous sponsors: The Men’s Wearhouse, American Legion San Diego Post 6, Peggy & William Dunn, San Diego Padres, Community Health Group Employees, Thomas & Pearl Martinez, American Legion Auxiliary Post 6, John & Lezetta Davis, Jose Neves Family, Stephanie & John Perry.

Major Sgt. Pena, Mel Rosario and other volunteers are trying to hurry with all the turkeys for the 10 a.m., deadline for families to pick up food baskets.

The generosity continued with: Ruben & Teri Rubio, Paul & Betty Perry, Bea & Horace Estrada, Julia Dauer, Helen Steel, Bob Muff, Elvia Aguilar, Home Depot (805 and Dennery Rd.), Bimbo Bread, Foodland #1, #2 & #3, Hometown IGA, Rocky D’Erasmo, Ginney Smith, La Prensa San Diego, Anheuser-Busch Sales of San Diego, Shawn & Rita Willis, Sandy & Michael McManus, Julia & Cruz Lucero, Billie & Rick Davis, Daryl H. DeGregg, Rosina Rosales, Bob & Jo Birdsell.

The Navy Yacht Club San Diego, Macy’s, Gigante Market, Barona, Ca., State Forestry Dept. Perris, Ca., Donald & Monica Thomason all contributed mightly to this effort.

Birthday supporters for toys included: Caiformula Boradcasting, SouthBay Union School District Education Foundation, Rosie Cisneros, Helen & Carl Galvan, Saly & Cliff Lowery, Smart & Final at Plaza Blvd., Food 4 Less at Palomar, and SouthBay Union School District,.

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