January 9, 2004


Judging Arnold ... and his State of the State Address

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger gave his first State of the State speech this Tuesday, and he did not disappoint in his delivery. After all, he is a professional actor who knows how to deliver his lines with full affect. But, much like his campaign for governor, where he presented a strong, charismatic alternative to the beleaguered Gray Davis, he offered few details in his speech.

Gov. Schwarzenegger painted a broad picture in his twenty-eight minute speech, touching on the budget deficit, opposing tax increases, jobs, education, environment, the streamlining of government … all laudable, all obvious. But what he did not do was provide any details on how he hoped to accomplish any of this. As they say, “the devil is the details.”

Today, January 9, 2004, the governor will finally have to start providing the details of his budget plan when he presents it to the legislature. Only then can we start to analyze the governor’s vision for the State of California. Based on what little information we have been privy to, so far, this new budget plan could be a set back for the Hispanic community, particularly in regards to education, but we will reserve judgment until we have the details. Then, we will see if being a good actor/communicator translates into being a good governor!

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